Smell Good, Feel Good




Smell Good, Feel Good


Whether you suffer from BO or not, summer has its way of giving everyone its share of sweats and smells

As the temperature continues its punishing schedule and the ‘this-is-definitely-the-hottest-year’ dirge reverberates at every gathering, take a moist towelette, wipe your brow and get ready to take stock of your sweaty, clammy body. Summer is cruel in its manifestation and is known to nurse vengeance for all the negative feedback it receives from everyone.

Yes, it is relentless in its attack and none is exempt from its wrath – even a short bolt from the parking lot to the building can be a sweaty affair. But with hibernation out of question, rather out of context, the only way to tackle the sweat issue is with some tender loving care of the deodorant kind.

For when you smell good, you naturally feel good about yourself and about others in your contact.

So, how do you keep your body fresh and odour-free all day long? How do you get those underarms to emit the fragrance of the deodorant you sprayed in the morning, especially if your job requires you to zip in and out of your car for meetings and appointments?

The answer probably lies in understanding your body and picking the right product. For your need is not just to smell right, but also ensure that your underarms are not displaying sweat stain maps for all to see. Staying dry is as important as smelling right. What you need to keep those stains at bay and also smell fresh all through the day, is a little understanding of your body type and your experience with different fragrances.

As experts note, although sun is the perpetrator of sweat and all things clammy, it has no direct say on the amount of sweat or heat each one feels. How one’s body reacts to heat and unleashes the sweat glands is dependent on a variety of factors – but that is for another time. For the moment, let us simply focus on the ways and means to find the right balance and avoid excessive sweating.

Here are some guidelines to follow when picking your deodorant…

Fragrance: While what you like in the fragrance quarter may be distinctly different from what your spouse picks, it is important to note that you, as an individual, have your own specific feel-good smell. You probably use this as a guide, albeit unconsciously, even when you pick other consumer products. Go by your instincts.




Skin type: If you have sensitive skin or have a skin condition, you would have to pay extra attention to read the label well and may be even look for organic products. This is all the more important if you have allergies that could be triggered by certain smells or chemicals incorporated into the deodorant.

Your guide to pick the right product:

Deodorant or antiperspirant: First off, understand whether you need a deodorant or an antiperspirant. While deodorants mask the underarm odour, they are, usually, sought for the fragrance or perfume they emanate; antidepressants, on the other hand, help to prevent sweat marks that form around the armpit of your shirt/blouse. If you simply want to smell nice without worrying about the sweat accumulating under the arms, your best bet is a deodorant; if your underarms tend to get sweaty without feeling smelly, you might want to opt for an antiperspirant. However, if you have a serious case of both sweat and smell to contend, it is best to find some medical relief by consulting with your dermatologist.

Stick or Spray: Deodorants that are packed in a stick are usually dry and come in solid white colour. This could prove to be an issue when you wear coloured clothes as they leave their mark. Sprays are popular as they are colourless and are easy to apply.

However, over and above the products you pick from your cosmetic store, you need to stick to a diet that is suitable for the season and avoid wearing tight clothes and synthetic fibres like rayon, polyester and nylon.

Stay cool!



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