SPAR Oman Launches ‘Natural’ Concept

To deliver the freshest and healthiest foods to customers and satisfy the growing demand for organic food and drink, SPAR Oman has launched a ‘Natural’ concept at its Madinat Sultan Qaboos branch.

It has added products in multiple categories, including gluten free, organic, vegan, wheat free, vegetarian, dairy free, lactose free and sugar free, at the section. SPAR Oman’s organic fruits and vegetables have been sourced from a family farm in Oman, which produces leafy vegetables, fruits, eggs, poultry, milk and meat. This farm is certified by USDA.

In all, there are 268 organic and natural products and they will be sourced from countries including Germany, Italy, USA, United Arab Emirates, India, UK, Canada, and many others. The natural products range will include snacks, breakfast items, baby food, confectionery, culinary product, instant prepared food, pulses, breads and rolls, to name a few.


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