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Scarf Out 

It’s that time of the year again; that time when scarves become fashionable and give you an edge on the fashion circuit


Scarves, like history, have a way of repeating themselves. Whether it is the demand of the season or the ongoing trend, its universal appeal kind of makes it a quintessential item of every wardrobe. Best described as a functional accessory, it can work perfectly for any occasion (and season). With winter making outdoor parties popular, the scarf could easily become your fashion statement.

This season, watch out for scarves in strong fabric canvases. These can give you a whole new look when twisted or draped around the neck. The designs range from the fluttery, earth-toned patterns to postcard-theme scarves. Even silk scarves could work perfectly for Oman weather, as the temperature hardly gets to biting-cold level, unless a trip to the mountains is on the cards.

Described as a perfect bridge between your smart formals and weekend casuals, the scarf can turn even the simplest jeans and a T-shirt look cool and trendy. Whether you opt for a lightweight cotton scarf or a winter woolly one, you can easily go for the classic drape. This knot is ideal for the city weather, as the temperature rarely drops to chilly levels, making you wrap it all around. Keep the scarf loose and relaxed for that perfect look.

But if you want to make a bold fashion statement, go on; grab a coloured or patterned scarf. Although it can seem tricky to don brightly coloured/patterned scarf, you could give it a structure by pairing it with a neutral outfit – all-black or grey colour should work well. Stick to a simple knot; complicated knots will make it the colours seem louder. Conversely, a black scarf can be paired with any outfit. Do not, however, fret over matching the tones, as the idea is to give it a wholesome look and a little clash in colours could, actually, do your look some good. If you are a first-timer on the scarf zone, remember, a solid colour will never fail you. But it is a no-no to pair a printed scarf with a printed shirt.

According to stylists, the scarf you pick should be at least 140cms long to maximise your stylish look.

The best part of this unassuming scarf is that you can wear it over a T-shirt or a shirt – but not if you are pairing it with shorts.

Trendy knots

Handsome man in scarf and red sweater on a white backgroundThe drape: Yes, as the name suggests, you simply hang the scarf over your neck and let the two ends fall loosely in the front. The drape is ideal for a formal look, as you can tuck the ends into your suit, and let it peak from the lapels.

The toss: Drape the scarf around your neck and casually toss one end of it over the right or left shoulder.

The once around: As simple as the drape knot, the once around requires you to keep one end of the scarf longer on one side and take it around your neck to get a covered look.

The all around knot: Again, you start with ‘the drape’, leaving one end much longer than the other. Now wrap the longer side around your neck a couple of times, so that the end hangs down your back.

Parisian: Begin by folding your scarf in half – end to end; next throw the folded side around your neck in a drape. Now thread the loose ends through the loop and pull to tighten.

The ascot: The ascot or the overhand knot also starts with the regular drape. Follow that by crossing one end over the other and finish it by threading it under and over.

Fake knot: First drape the scarf around your neck, leaving one end longer than the other. Next, tie a loose knot on the longer side by taking the end under and over itself to create a loop and then loosely pull the end through. Thread the other end of the scarf through the loop and tighten to adjust.

The four-in-hand: This is a statement knot that requires a little practice. Begin by giving your scarf the Parisian knot, but only pull the top piece through the loop. Twist the loop and create a second opening just below the first, getting a figure 8 look. Pull the other end through the second loop and tighten.


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