Star Wars: The Last Jedi and much more to watch

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Fantasy/Science Fiction ‧ 2h 32m

Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares to do battle with the First Order. Starring: Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson and Benicio Del Toro



Thriller/Drama ‧ 1h 55m

A mysterious guide escorts an enthusiastic adventurer and his friend into the Amazon jungle. Their journey turns into a terrifying ordeal as the darkest elements of human nature and the deadliest threats of the wild force them to fight for survival. Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschmann and Alex Russell


Just Getting Started

Action/Adventure ‧ 1h 31m

Duke Diver is living the high life as the freewheeling manager of a luxurious resort in Palm Springs, Calif. He soon faces competition from Leo, a former military man who likes the same woman that Duke is interested in. When Diver’s past suddenly catches up with him, he must put aside his differences and reluctantly team up with Leo to stop whoever is trying to kill him. Starring: Morgan Freeman, Glenne Headly and Tommy Lee Jones


Ghost House

Thriller/Horror ‧ 1h 29m

Lost in the Thai countryside, a young American couple find themselves haunted by an evil spirit. Desperate for a solution, they spiral deeper into a surreal, supernatural world that leads them into a frenzied, terrifying confrontation with pure evil. Starring: Scout Taylor-Compton, James Landry and Hebert Mark Boone Junior


Jeepers Creepers 3

Mystery/Thriller ‧ 1h 25m

A sergeant and his task force embark on a mission to destroy the Creeper on its last day of feeding. The Creeper soon fights back when they get close to discovering its mysterious and dark origins. Starring: Stan Shaw, Gabrielle Haugh and Brandon Smith


The Killing of a Sacred Deer

2017 ‧ Mystery/Thriller ‧ 2h 1m

Dr. Steven Murphy is a renowned cardiovascular surgeon who presides over a spotless household with his wife and two children. Lurking at the margins of his idyllic suburban existence is Martin, a fatherless teen who insinuates himself into the doctor’s life in gradually unsettling ways. Soon, the full scope of Martin’s intent becomes menacingly clear when he confronts Steven with a long-forgotten transgression that will shatter his domestic bliss forever. Starring: Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell and Alicia Silverstone


My Life as a Zucchini

Animation ‧ Drama/Comedy ‧ 1h 10m

After losing his mother, a young boy is sent to a foster home with other orphans his age where he begins to learn the meaning of trust and true love. Voices: Ellen Page, Will Forte, Nick Offerman and Amy Sedaris


Aman Ya Sahabi

Egyptian Comedy ‧ 1h 50m

The film revolves around two singers who live on Mohammed Ali Street with absent financial and social conditions. A friend of theirs suggests that they meet women from well-off families and marry them. They set out to meet the two women and indeed trick them in the name of love, but they enter countless conflicts with the women’s brothers. Starring: Sa3d el Saghir, Safinar and Mahmoud el lithy


Fukrey Returns

Hindi ‧ Drama/Romance ‧ 2h 15m

Fukrey Returns picks up a year later from where it ended. Having enjoyed the spoils of war they had so audaciously waged, the Fukras are now at crossroads with their past, which is about to decide their future. Bent upon a merciless payback, Bholi Punjaban is back and all set to take the Fukras on a deadly ride! Even a city, as geographically varied as Delhi is not large enough for them to design a well-defined escape trajectory. Unaware of how they’re being master minded by a certain head honcho, the Fukras are on the run again!! Are the four Fukras going to play out their cards carefully? Will Choocha’s God gifted power come to their rescue? Starring: Pulkit Samrat, Manjot Singh, Ali Fazal, Richa Chadda



Bengali ‧ Drama ‧ 2h 30m

Haldaa is a special river of Bangladesh. It is a natural fish spawning field. That’s the reason the river is also known as Mother River. Hashu, a girl of nature, lives by this river with her family. Her family is very much dependent on this river for their living. But as the civilization progresses, the river gets endangered, makes all the families like Hashu’s imperilled. Hashu, the girl of nature, eventually starts to confront the cruelty of this artificial socioeconomic system like the river Halda does. Starring: Shahed Ali, Momena Chowdhury, Zahid Hasan


Punyalan Private Limited

Malayalam ‧ Comedy/Satire ‧ 2h 9m

“Punyalan” directed by Ranjith Sankar is a sequel to the super hit comedy Punyalan Agarbathis. Joy Thakkolkkaran is on his second outing with his new entrepreneurial ideas along with friends. They launch a new business venture and entrusts the product’s distribution with KSRTC parcel service. Soon, it proves to be inefficient and when the entrepreneur questions the reasons, it opens a new can of worms.This hilarious comedy deals with how they clash with the system and the ways they adopt in an effort to make their new dream come true?  Starring: Jayasurya, Aju Varghese, Vijayaraghavan, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Guinness Pakru, Sunil Sukhada, Arya Rohit, and Sreejith Ravi.



Tamil ‧ Crime/Drama ‧ 1h 51m

Richie (previously known as Santa Maria and Avargal) is an Indian Tamil neo noir action crime film directed by Gautham Ramachandran and written by Rakshit Shetty. It is a remake of the 2014 Kannada film Ulidavaru Kandanthe, the film stars Nivin Pauly in the titular role with Natarajan Subramaniam, Shraddha Srinath and Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli in the supporting roles. It began production during June 2016. The film also marks the direct Tamil debut of Nivin Pauly.



Tamil ‧ Drama/Action ‧ 2h 35m

Kodiveeran is a Tamil Indian action family drama film written and directed by M. Muthaiya. M. Sasikumar, Mahima Nambiar are playing as the lead pair in this movie. This is the second time that this actor and director joining hands after Kutti Puli.

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