Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves

Fashion has, apparently, found inspiration from fairy tales and historical plays, with eye-grabbing gigot sleeves and an array of dramatic flares and ruffles continuing to rule the fashion circuit.

The more exaggerated the sleeve, the better…

Designers have taken to sleeves in a big way this year, parading every kind of sleeve conceivable, even embellishments and ruffles. Exaggeration, it appears, has found newer definitions of the sleeve kind, with the fashion runway scoring high on statement sleeves. What made these trends win followers is the ease with which fashion savvy ladies have adopted catwalk styles without flinching at the drama on their sleeves.

Statement sleevesWhile the cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder styles have had their moments in the sun, the cold shoulder trend continues to work its magic, carrying with it a sweet appeal that has made it popular with fashionistas from their 20s to 50s. Statement sleevesIt is, perhaps, the ease with which cold shoulder tops can be paired with any skirt or trouser, unlike other dramatic sleeved tops that require some attention to detail and panache to carry it right. The idea, say fashion gurus, should be to create a harmonious look, not a overdramatic ensemble with sleeves that could graze people in a one-foot perimeter.


Some of the sleeve trends to look out for include…

Statement sleeves
Ruffled Sleeves – Michael Kors

Ruffled sleeves

Ruffled sleeves look feminine, even if you opt for a dramatic touch. Depending on the occasion and, of course, your preference, you could opt for a toned down version or check out the different fits and volumes in the style.




Statement sleeves
Bell Sleeves – Herve Leger

Bell sleeves

There are long bell sleeves and shorter ones too. These sleeves are named so, as the sleeve comes with a full flare at the hem, which gives it a bell shape. The sleeves are fitted until a certain part of your arm and then flared out in a bell shape. The shorter version is, generally, shorter than the elbow.




Statement sleeves
Gigot Sleeves – Gucci

Gigot sleeves

The gigot sleeve or the leg-of-mutton sleeve is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. It is a dramatic style that was popular in the 1800s, which was all about flamboyant clothes.





Statement sleeves
Bishop Sleeves – Tuleh

Bishop sleeves

It is a long sleeve that is fitted from shoulder to elbow and flared from elbow to wrist, featuring even ruffles on the cuffs. The flares are gathered at the wrist by a cuff.

Every fashion addict, it appears, has an ace up the sleeve – find yours…


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