Stay trendy this winter

As you welcome winter with the usual pleasantries, get a grip on your wardrobe to rock the season in style

Right, you don’t need jackets, sweaters, or any of the warm clothes to get set for the winter, which is still playing truant, especially during the noon hours. But what you need is a big dose of style and fashion to gear up for the season with trends that have been underscored by international designers.

We scoured the Internet to cull together a quick guide to help you rock this beautiful season in trends that are designed to give a twist to your wardrobe.


Red signal

Say ‘hello’ to the winter red, which is bold, confident and secure. The flattering red colour has received a fresh new winter grooming to energise you and keep you feeling upbeat. And, if style gurus are to be believed, trend or not, red is the most flattering colour on all skin tones.

There you go, another reason to pick reds when you go shopping.



Get tight  

Tights are here and they refuse to budge from the trend counter. This time around, its white that has received the thumbs up.



Corduroy tricks

There is something eternal about corduroys – winter enhancing it. With this winter making way for a corduroy comeback, all corduroy lovers are in for a beautiful season.







Midi touch

Midi has such a winter look about it that you would be better off if you equip your wardrobe with one or two midi skirts to give the season a perfect welcome.




Bohemian forever

Throwbacks have a charm that are romantic, to say the least. But as fashion buffs claim, the time now is not for a complete throwback; rather, opt for craft-inspired dresses. Look for clothes that have patchwork fabrics and interesting prints.





Crop it

Being in this part of the world means you can wear crop tops without worrying about the chilly air. Pair the crop top with those chic boots and be set to rock any party.



Power up

Power suits have taken a 90s flavour, with double breasted cuts and shoulder pads in longer lengths and fluid lines.






Dressed and ready

Dress up and feel trendy. With winter in this part of the world sticking to its pleasant levels, the dress trend will have a long stay this season. It is all about dresses – florals, craft-inspired and even simple romantic ones are trending this winter.




All material

It is nylon time. Believed to be practical, nylon in full length will give you the wintry feeling that you seek from your wardrobe.






Knitted right

Well…some knitwear is essential to help you tide over the chilly evenings. Whether it is a casual cardigan, a roll neck or a deconstructed cut, chunky knitwear and slouchy trousers will make you winter-ready!


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