Style, Fashion and your Home


If you believe home is where all the fashion should be, get busy stylising your home with some easy to adopt ideas

Whatever be your personal fashion perspective, giving your home a fashion makeover need not be limited or restricted by it. Whether you toe the ‘simple’ line in what you wear, or are a fashion diva seeking to spread the look to your home, small doses of style in the living space has never harmed anyone. On the contrary, it might, it just might, alter the way you go about your daily chores around the house and even help you unwind and de-stress amidst the fashion icons you have incorporated in your living space.

If you are game for some exciting fashion twists in your home, check out the tips and tricks that could help you get there.

Animal prints

Blame it on the primal connection or the obvious appeal, animal prints have retained their hold over home décor elements. It could be tiger stripes in the bedding or a pretty leopard spot upholstery, patterns that reflect the animal world can easily infuse a style quotient to your home. Follow the moderation rule so as to not go overboard with the print and turn the décor loud and inharmonious.

Mirror appeal

Mirrors give an illusion of space and also make things around the room look clean, clear and organised. You could place mirrors on the closet doors to make do with the available space, or incorporate it as a décor element – as a wall hanging or a standalone item – and let the room soak in the fresh appeal of a mirror.

Curtain call

The style, design and the pattern you adopt in the curtains can give your room a fashion touch like nothing else. For one, by hanging the curtains closer to the ceiling, you are creating the illusion of larger windows, which are standard in homes designed to ooze style. You could use also curtains to add colour to the living space. Opt for colours that are flattering and make an easy switch to a new look.

Texture talk

Like all things fashion, home fashion is also dictated by trends that are sparked on a global scale by international designers. Although raw and rustic textures can easily infuse a style element, you could get a hang of textures in your home by introducing fabrics on the sofas, walls or the floor. Go for muted colours or textural neutrals for a sliver of fashion in your home.


While technology has given you the options of enjoying life’s finer pleasures without having to stay wired to the electronic devices, most of our homes are not free from wires that hang from the television set, the console, the night lamps… And, not all wires can be concealed, especially if you live in a rented house where drilling holes on the walls to create nooks for wires is not allowed or there are new electronic additions which come with their own set of wires that are difficult to hide. To make your home truly fashionable, you need to keep your walls and floors free of wires. Find a way…

Boho home

Bohemian décor is for all those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items, while balancing it with a quaint style note. It is more like the smart casual fashion, with interiors that are shabby-chic. If you are in for this look, introduce lots of patterns and vibrant colours in your home. It could be an addition of ornately carved wooden furniture, or a change in the floor with tiles in geometric patterns.

Mix and match

Mix and match dictum works in your homes as well. Whether it is door handles, towel racks or cabinet handles a mixed array of minor details can create an element of intrigue.

Light touch

Lighting fixtures you pick for your home can make the loudest fashion statements. Depending on the fitting you choose, you could make a subtle or powerful statement and get closer to stylising your home in perfect glow.



Wall fashion

Find quirky ways to adorn your walls… If you have, say, a Victorian dress or a favourite frock which is outdated or not fitting any more, turn it into a wall hanging. If the dress has a striking texture or a bold pattern hang it against a white or a neutral background. You could use scarves lying in your wardrobe also to adorn the wall. Knot it creatively on small hooks, as if in a row on a wall. The same applies to hats as well…


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