Style Guide for the Modern Man

Style Guide for the Modern Man

Whether real men wear pink or not, the fact that colours have erased their gender specifications is reflected in the style quotients rocked by men who know how to put their best foot forward

Style Guide for the Modern ManModern man is adaptable and it is obvious in the myriad facets of the ‘manliness’ that have found newer expressions. Today, there is more to the hunter-gatherer concept, as men revel in their role as lovers and protectors. It is, perhaps the global cultural expressions and the technological advancements that have helped alter the perceptions. No more is the boastful machismo look and attitude encouraged. There is more humanisation of the traditional concept of masculinity, style included…

Here is a quick guide to help you understand the style requirements of the modern man:

Stay true to yourself

Fashion in men’s aisles is restricted by various factors, but there are trends that need one to be observant and follow accordingly. What makes things difficult to comprehend, though, is the fact that trends change constantly and, besides, what trend looks good on one many not look good on you. The obvious differences in the body structure and the personality requires, rather demands, one to stay true to oneself. This places the onus on you to understand your style requirements – find out what styles, what patterns and what colours suit your personality. This will help you when you have to get ready for office/party/shopping. Your wardrobe will only have clothes that complement your personality and you can be assured you will never go wrong with your style.

Style Guide for the Modern ManClassic look works

When in doubt, go for the classics. Even when you are not in doubt, remember classics will never fade. Ensure that your wardrobe has classic fashion items like fitted blazers, sports jackets, slim-fitting jeans, and the like that will help you achieve elements of style perfection. This will never go out of style and you will never be in doubt of making a fashion mistake with these classics. What makes classic style rock is the fact that they have an element of universality about them. Most men look good in classics, and the ones who have learnt the art of mix and match could even turn into a new trend.

Have a fashion plan

If you have someone else doing your clothes shopping, put a quick stop to it, unless you are comfortable with the purchases. You need to understand that shopping for clothes is not a trivial pursuit; it requires proper planning to pick only those that fit you right and have the finish that you enjoy in your clothes. Your shopping objective ought to be to uplift your wardrobe with clothes that accentuate your personality. Go shop for your clothes. Try it on to see if it fits and, more importantly, if it is the one for you.

Understand your style requirements

This calls for a careful understanding of your environment. Your personal style, often, is dependent on where you live and where you work. In this part of the world, you wardrobe might be more of summery nature, but that is not the only factor in getting a grip over your style quotient. Yes, you would, of course, look for clothes that are suitable for the summer months, as winter is more pleasant than extreme in this part of the world and you could do with a sweater or two. Style Guide for the Modern ManBut what is more important is your work environment. If you are required to wear formal clothes, day in and day out, you would do yourself a whole deal of good by stocking your wardrobe with clothes that suit your work.

But having said all that has to be said about style requirements, one must understand that men’s fashion does seem restrictive, considering the style experiments are limited to trousers and shirts/tees. Fashion gurus have, however, found distinct style personalities that help categorise men on the fashion platform, from an adventurer to a corporate man.

So, what is your style type…?

Style Guide for the Modern ManThe corporate man

You are a suit/blazer man. You rock the corporate sector with your style quotient. You have several sartorial suits and designer ties, with accessories that have helped you build your style. You dress for results and that is the style mantra you follow all the time.

The college dresser

You are observant and know that a prepster look is for you. You believe in sticking to the details and have a penchant for button-down shirts and sneakers. You know the ways of the world and are willing to take on anybody who questions your style quotient.

Style Guide for the Modern ManThe street dresser

You love the idea of wearing clothes that can help you wear any style easily. You might be wearing distressed jeans or jogger pants; it is your comfort level that comes out starkly.

The athleisure style

You love all things sports, whether you play actively or simply follow it. You prefer the so-called athleisure or the functional fitness clothes. You are comfortable in all kinds of sports clothes.

The rockstar look

This style is not necessarily for the guitar holding folks. You like to wear clothes that bikers adopt and you are open to ripped jeans and bomber coats.

Style Guide for the Modern ManThe adventurer

Fashion and adventure may not share a synonymy, but you love the idea of wearing clothes that smack of adventure. Whether it is canvas jackets or khaki corduroy pants, you do know your adventure style.


  1. Excellent post! I love men who have style. I love it when they wear wristwatch as part of fashion accessories. This summer, when I was in Serbia, I bought my brother a beautiful G-Shock. He loved it!


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