Summer Car Care


When summer reaches its peak and spews heat and humidity all through the day, it can prove to be just as bad for your car as it is for you, unless you take all the measures to save it from the obvious damages 


Engine oil

Any intense weather can put extra demands on the car’s oil and oil filter, making it mandatory to change both, especially if you haven’t done it in recent times. While the oil works to keep engine parts lubricated, the filter works to capture dirt and metal fragments that have found their way into the oil system. Check the oil level in the engine using the dip stick; maintain the level recommended for your car.

Fluid levels

Changes in the weather can lead to low transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and even windshield wiper fluid; so, double-checking the fluid levels is very important. Studies have shown that one of the biggest causes of summer breakdowns is overheating. Car engines have an optimum temperature for getting the best performance and you need to assure yourself by checking the coolant level – the coolant reservoir is marked with maximum level and minimum level indicators. Ideally, get the coolant replaced at least once a year. Also, ensure that the fins of the radiator are clean, as it is an important part of the cooling system.

Tyre pressure

Oman’s road conditions are better than the most, yet, it is important to check and monitor the tyre pressure during this season. Tyres lose or gain pressure daily depending on the outside temperature; this becomes mandatory if you are planning a long road trip as tyres with low air pressure tend to wear out more quickly. If you are driving on tyres with lower than optimum pressure, it will cause damage to the sidewall. Maintain tyre pressure as recommended by the manufacturer and keep a check to see if the tyres are balding. Summer can cause higher than normal temperatures in the tyres and lead to permanent damage.

Car alignment

Check your car’s alignment, more so if your car seems to pull to one side or the steering wheel vibrates or it isn’t centred when driving straight. Proper alignment is essential to extend the tyre life and enjoy a smoother ride.


Test your battery as the summer heat can accelerate the rate of fluid loss and lead to oxidation of battery components. Heat is, often, the biggest cause of battery failure and reduced battery life. With the air conditioner and the blower fan working overtime to beat the heat, it is the battery that takes a toll.

Brake check

Getting the brakes inspected should become the top priority this season. Long road trips demand such checks, especially if the brakes are making noises or demanding extra pressure while you are on the road.

Car paint

With temperatures hitting 50 during the peak summer days, the paint on your car will bear the maximum brunt. Constant exposure to sun will fade the paint and the accumulating pollutants can corrode even painted surfaces. Wash the car regularly and use rubbing wax or polish once a month to prolong the life of the paint. Look for shaded areas to park your car or buy a cover to reduce the heat build-up inside the car.


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