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With travel becoming synonymous with summer, there is no dearth of destinations to fit your taste, budget and even personality; but, of course, suggestions from experts matter, especially from someone who has made adventure travel her passion

 Rumaitha Al Busaidi*, aka Rummy in the big wide world of social media, has made travel an inherent part of her life, with adventure taking a big share, since her expedition to the South Pole in Antarctica and the scaling of Mount Kilimanjaro. She has earned distinction as an entrepreneur, environmentalist, footballer and aquaculture specialist, but the crown that she wears with pride is that of an adventure traveller. An ardent blogger and compulsive instagrammer, she describes herself as ‘An Omani extrovert with so much on her plate; I work as an investment analyst/ aquaculture specialist.’ Her blog is a place where she shares her musings of life in my home Oman and her many adventures around the globe.

Here are her suggestions for summer travel in response to a FACES questionnaire:

What are the travelling options for adventure seekers during the last phase of summer?

It really depends on where you want to go, whether it’s staying in Oman or out of the country. I would say the options are endless anytime of the year. Given that summer is usually the peak season to travel anywhere, I always tend to remind people that there is always an off-peak season somewhere in the world that you can go to and enjoy.

What would you personally recommend?

I always tend to avoid crowds, as I am pretty much claustrophobic and hate places that are overly expensive because of it. My pick would be places you can enjoy, but are less explored and touristy. This way, you get to enjoy and understand why the locals really call this place you are visiting, home. Places that are my top picks this year are Nha Trang, Vietnam, Portmagee, Ireland, Naxos, Greece, Sicily, Italy and not to forget one of my favourite destinations in the Caribbean, Bonaire of the ABC Islands (if you don’t mind the distance).

What are your favourite destinations in Oman for the season?

Definitely the mountains of Jabel Shams and Akhdar, snorkeling and diving in Musandam and Dimaniyat Islands, and not to forget the Khareef season in Salalah, where I usually hike to chase waterfalls. My favourite, hands down, is Ayn Koor.

*Rumaitha is a popular blogger – and instagrammer – rummoya, which has over twelve thousand followers.


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