Tech Trends 2018

Tech Trends 2018

Like fashion, technology has a way of changing its garb every season. 2018 is gearing up to create a mini revolution in our lives with tech trends that are big in every sense of the word. Here is a quick dekko…

Artificial Intelligence

AI is where everything is. It is manifesting its powers in every new platform, application and device; Tech Trends 2018it is being incorporated into more diverse range of applications and is expected to become a mainstay of all forms of technology. It is set to make further advancements in the field of medicine. According to industry observers AI could be used to accurately analyse medical records of patients and also help in assessing the clinical findings in CT scans. It has the potential to improve a patient’s recovery by prescribing the dosage of medication and the frequency to follow.

Augmented Reality

From Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality, life in the tech zone looks like a sci-fi movie. With mobile games like Pokemon Go pushing brands to make AR mainstream, Tech Trends 2018the New Year will give AR glasses an elevated status. Heads Up Displays (HUD) will become a common eyewear and will change the way we conduct everyday business. Shopping will turn into a completely engaging experience as the packaging on products will turn into videos demonstrating the product with eye contact. The options are endless, as it can also be used to build virtual pop-up stores anywhere in a public place. With AR and Li-Fi, a new light-base wireless connection with data speeds 100 times that of Wi-Fi, consumers can witness a virtual inventory of the store as it will bring high-definition virtual objects into stores.

Tech Trends 2018Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are expected to become popular again, with Oculus Go planning to launch a cheaper standalone headset early this year. Gamers can also look forward to a range of new games.


Tech Trends 2018New generation of Internet

As the smartphone war rages on, techies are speculating the new wave of iPhones and additions to the line-up of Samsung Galaxy. But what is leading up on the excitement is the possibility of getting a 5G network, followed by 5G phones within the next two years. 5G Internet is said to have the potential to be nearly 10 times faster than 4G; it will revolutionise how consumers use Internet.


Bots in control

Tech Trends 2018Expect 2018 to be the year of the bots (it is an application that performs an automated task). The use of Internet bots will become enhanced; it will grow from its current use as automated customer service agent to become a part of everyday routine. Home bots will respond to requests and even provide timely information; it will act as a financial investment adviser.


Tech Trends 2018Data overload

Data overload is happening and happening fast. With companies going all out to tap commoditisation of consumer data in their marketing campaigns, data collection is going to peak in 2018. As consumers continue to rely on digital devices for everyday tasks, companies will have access to personal data, which will be further used to creating personalised ads and, possibly, better healthcare. However, the biggest fallout is the reduced privacy.


Tech Trends 2018VPN on the rise

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) will become more widespread in the global context, as it allows users to mask their online identity, making it almost impossible for anyone to monitor their online activity.


Electric cars

Whether electric cars become a part of our immediate future or not, the numbers predict a steep rise – Tech Trends 2018the number of electric cars will increase from 1.2 million in 2015 to 100 million in 2035. And, according to reports, Britain and France are banning sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040. The future of mobility is definitely evolving towards a zero-emissions ecosystem. Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda have introduced fuel cell vehicles in specific regions, as fuel cell-based transportation provides the most effective emissions reduction strategy.


Tech Trends 20183D printers

2018 will see a revival of sorts of the 3D printer. Although the 3D printing technology has been slow over the last couple of years, the introduction of newer and faster 3D printers, is expected to set the pace for growth. Besides, the scanners used to capture the 3D imagery for the printers have become more portable and affordable.

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