The Bold and the Handsome

The Bold and the Handsome

Bold colours and loose trousers will vie for attention with retro styles, as men’s fashion trends for the year gets set to add finesse to the regular pant-shirt affair

Men’s fashion has rarely, if ever, taken a radical turn. Most men, even some fashion-savvy folks, are conventionally discreet when indulging in fashion trends. They are, perhaps, cowed by the stereotypical concepts of male grooming…

But there is no harm in tracking trends, right?

If not to spur a wardrobe-changing mission, it could, in the least, become a guide to help stay on track with colours that are in and avoid styles that are passé.

Here is a quick peek at what is trending in men’s style quarters in 2018.

The Bold and the HandsomeThe Bold and the HandsomeBlacks & whites

There is a feel of timelessness about black in the ever-changing domain of fashion. This time around, this shade is also becoming season-less, as fashion observers exhort men to wear it round the year. This familiarity also applies to white, which promises to become popular during the course of the year.

If there is any one trend that is easy to rock, it would be wearing these two everyday colours.

The Bold and the HandsomeBold colours & patterns

Think bold and let it transcend in your shirts and even trousers. For, 2018 is getting bolder and brighter with patterns and colours that will dictate terms to both the shirt and the pant – even suit and jacket. Add to that, colour blocking in vibrant hues.

Bold, whether in colour or pattern, is not for everyone; it calls for a certain personality to give it a stamp of acceptance.

The Bold and the HandsomeRetro mode

Like history, fashion has a way of repeating itself – albeit, in more lavish avatars, as international designers presented a range of Hawaiian shirts, bowling shirts and long blazers at recent fashion shows. But for a more realistic approach to the trend, one best bet would be accessories.

Retro glass frames, fedora hats, polka-dotted shirts, scarf, bow tie, white pants and even suspenders work to add a touch of retro styling.

The Bold and the HandsomeAthletic fashion

Athleisure wear, which became a rage a couple of years ago, is getting stronger this year with top sports wear brands gearing up to hit the market with interesting pieces of athletic fashion.

From stylish joggers and sweatshirts to nifty sports shoes, athletic fashion trend has a universal appeal.


The Bold and the Handsome


Loose talk

It’s time to loosen up those pants, as international fashion designers are flaunting trousers tailored to create a loose appeal.

With tailors lining up most of the prominent streets in the city, it is easy to give this trend a try.


The Bold and the HandsomeSuit styles

Clothes may have gotten a more leisurely look and touch, but that doesn’t mean the suit is out. It is very much in – but in a more casual tone.

Again, this trend, with sneakers and tees complementing the suit, is best reserved for a semi-formal evening do.

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