The Fine Art of Gifting


When you give, whatever it may be, do not expect something in return! Give, because you want to give; not because you will get something equally valuable in return. Gifting as an exchange offer – knowing you will get one in return – defies the concept of giving that this season upholds. Give… Simply gift!

GiftingWe are human and we are tuned to think, rather weigh our prospects, on the scale of money. We have been trained by our circumstances to give only when there is an equal and proportionate chance to receive. And, if the balance is tilted by the money used in purchasing the gift, we are sure to mark it in our mental diary to balance the scale while picking the gift the next time around. Gifting then becomes a mere chore of giving and receiving items that are purchased with a calculator in one hand.

This holiday season let’s all make a difference to the art of gifting. Let’s take a stand to buy or create gifts without weighing the last gift we received from the intended person.

Let not the worth of the gift we received be our gauge for spending on the gift for that friend, relative or even a colleague.

Don’t give because you will get…

The true art of gifting lies in making the recipients feel that they are thought of on the special day; that the gift is a token of the shared experiences and emotions that connects you to them. Why then not make it special; why then not revel in the joy of giving?

Forget the budget assigned to each recipient in your list of gift buying. Instead, focus on what gift would make the receiver feel special.

Whether you buy a gift from the numerous outlets in the capital, make it yourself, create a card with a message that rings true or even pick an experience that the recipient would love, ensure that it is the most meaningful gift you have ever given. This might seem as easy as done when it comes to a close family member or a friend, but you would vindicate yourself from the gift curse if you do the same when it comes to gifting a colleague or someone in your neighbourhood too.

The best way to go about your gifting agenda this year is to draw a list of all the recipients, to begin with. GiftingAgainst each name, write what you think is their most significant trait. Add to it their likes, dislikes, hobbies…if you are aware. If not, simply jog your memory to recall anything of interest about the person concerned. Now, consider all the gift options that the person would cherish. Weigh that list with your budget. Do not break your bank to fulfill your list; remember, even a handmade card is more beautiful than a thoughtlessly picked gift from the neighbourhood supermarket.

Some of the most precious gifts are those that are put together by hand. It shows you love and care enough to make time and create a gift. The possibilities for DIY gifts are endless; all that it requires is a spark of inspiration.

Ask any old-timer and they will tell you that nothing spells love more than a hand-written note. You might have access to a computer and a printer, but resist keying in your letter for that someone special. Pull out a sheet of paper, your good old pen, and write a letter to each member of the family. Tell them how much they mean to you and share the experiences that have helped you bond with them.

You can bet your last baiza, this letter will be cherished forever!

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