Wardrobe Essentials

Do you have the wardrobe essentials that every woman should have to fit into the trends established for this year?

Say, you have a couple of jeans, some tees, a formal trouser, a black skirt some silk shirts/blouses and an evening gown, in your wardrobe… But what about those perky essentials that have been prescribed by style gurus to add up your style quotient?

Do you have the following essentials in your wardrobe…?

Slogan T-shirts

Blame it on the influence of social media, loud slogan T-shirts have become a wardrobe essential to get your perspective across on anything under the sun. The idea, perhaps, is to give you a Tweeter like platform to make a statement about your opinions, whether it is about your personal likes/dislikes or your political ideologies.

White tee

Call it the staple of every wardrobe, whether you are a man or a woman. A white tee can do wonders to your style. A white crew neck tee is a perfect starting point when you get ready to pair it with, say, a slip dress or a pair of jeans. The same applies to white button down shirts too – it your best fashion accomplice.


Office-goer or not, what you need is a strong-shouldered blazer to give your everyday jeans and t-shirt a makeover. With winter getting set to turn things cooler, you would need it now more than the beginning of the year.


Smart trousers

A must-have for your office… Wear it with heels or trainers to add that chic factor.

Wide-Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants are in this year in a big way. With interesting options to choose from, you could consider either the extra long pants or the one cropped right above the ankle. There are high fit and paper-bag (loose fitting) ones to look out too.

Skinny jeans

Some things are for keeps, like skinny jeans. They are still very much a part of every woman’s must-have. This time around, though, opt for a cropped version or go for a high-waist one if you want your legs to look long and slim.




Pencil skirt

You probably have one in your wardrobe and must have turned it into your office staple. But for this year, you could move give it a weekend flavour, as you go shopping or even for a social do. Pair with a tee or a silk top for those after-hours.


This is a cool piece of fashion that has its say almost every year. It will instantly make your wardrobe sportier and give you an easy opportunity to feel trendy.


Cashmere sweater

A winter must-have, cashmere sweater is a timeless wardrobe essential; just what your weekend would need in the coming months.

Lacy tops

For some reason, the sheer lacy top keeps making its presence felt at the trend counter every once in a while. It has been classified as a 2017 wardrobe essential and is perfect if you are looking to layer it around a white or a neutral tee.



It’s the season for outdoors, and what better to make the most of it than a pair of khaki pants… It is classic and a must have to complement your dressy tops or jackets.


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