Your Hair the Crowning Glory

Hair - Crowning Glory

Whether you decide to let it down, wear a top knot or simply pull it up in a ponytail, how you get your hair party ready is all about understanding your hair traits and giving it a complementing look.

If you are in doubt about the style to get you going this holiday season, check out this quick hairstyle guide, which is suitable for most hair types:

Mess those waves

Hair - Crowning GloryWith messy look holding on to its glamour appeal, you have enough reason to let your messy waves loose. There is an element of perfection in those disorderly waves…but to ensure that the look stays with you all through the party, you might require some style intervention. Simply pull all your hair in front and blow-dry it to create volume. Use a curling wand if required and get more texture with the product of your choice. Don’t forget to set the look with a finishing spray.

Slick it back

Hair - Crowning GloryNo partings for this party… Right, slick all your hair back to adopt a diva look. Begin by curling your hair with a curling iron. Yes, even the slicked back look requires some curls. Brush those curls into a wave and pull the hair back in a half ponytail. Use pins to secure hair above your ears and give your hair the spray touch. Open the ponytail and follow it by pulling off the pins when the spray has dried. Brush…

Hair - Crowning GlorySmooth and shiny

If you are up for a classic look, go all out for this smooth look which has its own glamour quotient. The idea should be to reserve those smooth and shiny waves to the ends of your hair. Start by applying a thermal protective spray on to your dry hair. Section your hair and use a curling iron to work the magic from the mid to the ends of hair. Secure the sections with clips for 10 to 15 minutes before opening it up and loosening the curls with a brush. Again, set the style with a finishing spray.


Hair - Crowning GloryBraid and go

Opt for a bohemian look this season with a braid and wave style. To get this look, section your hair and wrap it around a curling iron. Follow by giving your hair a reverse French braid on one side of the hairline.  There you go…your very own crown with a side braid and loose waves to add glamour.


Hair - Crowning Glory

Swept away

This is the perfect style if you love to rock the centre-parted style. With this style, you mark your scalp with a centre partition and let the hair fall in loose curls on both sides of the shoulder. Use a curler, if required, or else simply apply a serum on your hair and let it fall easily around your neck. You could finish it with hairspray to add gloss to the style.

Hair - Crowning GloryBob the party

This a perfect style if you wear your hair short. Like the messy look, the idea is to give it a disorganised touch and feel. Curl different sections of your hair casually, but add a styling product to scrunch those curls. You could set the look with hairspray and finish it off with hairpins if you want to give it a wild look.


Hair - Crowning GloryStraighten out

There is something so very chic about a blown-out look… Long straight hair, framing the face like a veil is quite appealing. It’s the ease in styling this look that makes it a timeless style. Apply your styling gel to the wet hair and blow dry it, section by section, using a rounded brush. Once done, use a hairspray to make the style heed your wish.

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