Your Style Mantra

Don’t know what to wear or don’t know how to wear it…?

Taking a cue from the clichéd ‘style cannot be bought’, we take you on a fashion circuit to show how you can find your panache with the clothes you already have. You would be surprised how a little tweak here or there can turn your outfit into a fashion ensemble.

Learn the fashion ropes to assess the clothes in your wardrobe and find the different ways to style them to put your chic foot forward.


Who said button-up tops are boring? Simply pop the collar, push the sleeves up, knot the ends and complement it with a high-waist skirt or pant. If you are wearing it with a jacket, wear it long to let it peek from under the jacket. And, if you prefer, wear it buttoned all the way up and pair it with a statement necklace that doesn’t clash with the top.

Roll up

There is something just so distinct about rolled up sleeves…as if comfort is all that matters to you at the fashion alter. Rolled up long sleeves, even if you are wearing a classic shirt, can give you that cool look.




Tee time

Give your regular tee a style punch with twists and tucks. If you are wearing mid rise pants, give it a careless half tuck in the middle, and, if it is a high-waist skirt that you plan on wearing, opt for a tighter tee, which you can tuck neatly in. Alternately, depending on the occasion, go for the carefree look by giving it a small knot on one side. If you are a white tee person, you could pair it with bottoms of any colour or print or add a blazer or cardigan to add some colour to your ensemble; if not, go for scarves or statement necklaces.


Scarf right

With winter all set to make a grand entry, you could easily bring out the scarves lying at the bottom of your wardrobe and find exciting ways to style it with your outfit. A quick online tutorial on draping scarves will help you attain your style nirvana.

Cuff talk

Your jeans and shoes need to be in a partnership to get the best look. No point in letting the hemline of your jeans cover up your footwear, especially when you have given so much thought in buying it and pairing it with your jeans. Just follow a few simple guidelines: if you are wearing flats, give the cuffs one roll; make it two rolls for ankle boots or high heels. Pair platforms with high-waist flares; skinny jeans with boots, if you are in a winter mood.


Skirt notes

Black maxi skirt, a common feature of most wardrobes, can have myriad avatars if you find the right top to complement it. Make it comfy and cozy with a long top, or go for the classic with a white top. You could turn it into an elegant evening wear by pairing it with a tight black top and a sheer jacket. A tank and blazer will also work if it is a formal do. Go for a printed top for the office.

Belt It

Make the most of the belts in your accessory counter to transform those oversized shirts or tunics to match your frame. What is more, the belt will also give your style the perfect flourish.


Mix Match and Rock

Fashion is all about getting your mix and match strategy right. Here is a quick guide to help you master the colour codes for fashion:

  1. When in doubt, use the colour wheel to find colours that complement each other. The idea is to identify colours that are opposite to each other and yet help establish harmony in your look – like black and white. Remember, every colour that you pick on as the main piece, has a complementary colour to balance the look. You could complement colours that are at the same distance from the centre of the wheel, or combine one from the centre to the one that is at the outside edge.
  2. Keep the colours in the same family – that means pastels with pastels, earthy tones with earthy tones… Besides, different shades of the same colour can also look good.
  3. Use a print in the main item and break it down to find out the colours that stand out prominently. Now, pair your accessories, or even a jacket, in the colour that is most used in it.


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