Retreat and Refresh

Replenish your mind, body and soul with an exclusive retreat in a far off land, with nature setting the mood and luxury establishing the tone

  Parrot Cay Retreat

The Parrot Cay retreat does not need a ‘do not disturb’ sign to assure you privacy and an uninterrupted stay. Described as a sanctuary, it is one of the most secluded and exclusive resort islands in the northern Caribbean and has over a thousand acres of white sand beaches alongside the tropical landscape. Tucked in the waters of Turks and Caicos, it has its own private beach that turns into a yoga classroom; it also includes Japanese baths and a Jacuzzi garden as a part of its Asian-inspired holistic therapies. There are beach house suites, two-bedroom villas and private homes offering ocean views and provide total seclusion.


As the name suggests, it is a ‘happiness’ retreat in the majestic Himalayas in India. The 100-acre estate is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is set at 3,000 feet, offering panoramic views of the Ganges and the villages. The retreat includes a 24,000-square-foot spa and several meditation and yoga pavilions in the gardens. It is popular for its bespoke meditation sessions and spectacular views from the plush suites and villas.

Silver Island

The yoga retreat in Greece’s Silver Island is a treat for yoga enthusiasts. The privately owned island is spread over 60 acres, providing ample space for yoga classes and a taste of nature’s exuberance and quietude. It can house only 12 people, which means early booking and, of course, an abundance of privacy. The retreat also has on offer kayaking and snorkelling opportunities, not forgetting the mesmerising views of the Island’s rolling hills, small idyllic coves, olive groves, cypress trees and wild flowers.

Holy Isle

This is the right time to visit the private two-mile long island, which is located just off the Isle of Arran in Scotland. It is at the north end of the island that the Centre for World Peace and Health is located; this is where the meditation retreats take place. Between April and October guests are welcome to stay at the Centre for personal retreats or even holiday breaks. There are walking paths along the rugged coastline and also through the grassy interior; however, because of the island’s delicate ecosystem, which includes species such as Eriskay ponies, Saanen goats, and many indigenous plants, some areas aren’t allowed to be explored on foot.

38 Degrees North

If you are going to Ibiza, pass by 38 Degrees North to experience one of Europe’s top yoga retreats. It is an island just off Spain’s eastern coast, designed to cater to yoga enthusiasts as well as party lovers. The rooftop, where the swimming pool is located, offers beautiful views of the island as well as yoga classes for those interested.

Insight Meditation Society

A grand old mansion in central Massachusetts, hugged by 200-acre property of Insight Meditation Society (IMS), is a perfect retreat spot for some alone time. The retreat involves a combination of seated and walking meditation. Long-term retreat is also possible at the Forest Refuge, which is set in the countryside. The Retreat Centre has a range of silent meditation courses, while the Forest Refuge offers a more independent and less structured form of retreat life.

Adler Thermae

Natural springs with thermal waters greet you at the Adler Thermae retreat, Italy’s prime destination for top of the line yoga and pilates classes. Here, you could follow the yoga session with some cleansing at the natural springs to regenerate your energy and indulge yourself to some warm relaxation.

Rolling Meadows

Mexico’s Rolling Meadows Meditation Retreats are all about yoga, meditation and a divine communion with nature. Located in Tulum, the retreats take place at Casa Om, a beachside camp with a meditation centre, which is flanked by the azure sea and the quiet Mexican fishing village of Puerto Morelos. The retreat offers four sessions daily; all focused on turning inward. Great snorkeling opportunities await interested snorkelers at the second largest barrier reef in the world.




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