The taste is in the COPPER

The reference, in the headline, is to the new hip urban restaurant – Copper Restaurant – on Qurum’s PDO road, which has been wowing diners from all walks of life with its peppy décor concepts and Asian influenced food


You know a restaurant has made a mark and has found its fan following when it is buzzing with action even during brunch time on a weekday. It was only 11 in the morning when we traced our way to the new ‘Copper Restaurant’ on the Sayh Al Malih Street in Qurum, but there was no semblance of a dull weekday in the comforting sound of happy guests, perky baristas, beaming attendants and the vibrant music floating in to greet us.13698242_1287257437973358_6096100448908120559_o

The Copper Restaurant may have opened its doors only in April this year, but has immediately found an endearing connect with young and hip diners who are, apparently, drawn in to its unrestrained interiors, the unconventional presentation of motorbikes and biking gear and the carefree abandonment in the copper ensembles and little touches of metallic fare in the décor elements. Be it the corrugated roof sheets lining the open kitchen counter or the copper blends on the ceiling. There are 15 different metals, from steel and copper to brass and zinc, quips Gregory McLean, who conceived the restaurant, a year ago, with his partner, bringing to fore his Australian leanings, his culinary expertise and his love for motorbikes in all things ‘Copper Restaurant’.


The youthful concept, creating a perfect blend of bikes, metals and wooden notes is designed to meet the aspirations of young domers seeking to celebrate their hip and urban notions in a setting that is reflective of all things fun and happening. The décor, possibly inspired by Feng shui, creates right vibes and spreads the feel good factor in the taste of the food laid out on the table, the inspiring décor and the friendly mien of the staff manning the restaurant. As Gregory points out, the young team knows how to up the fun quotient and entice people to savour the food and also check out the clothing line from Totem, which occupies one segment of the restaurant.

Streams of light, reminiscent of a bike ride in the night, lead to the Totem logo from the Copper board on the right side of the restaurant.13698242_1287257327973369_5340412559582057581_o

There is comfort also in the little details that have been consciously heeded to make it a comfortable den for foodies and fashion lovers. The yearlong planning to put the restaurant together, from the time it was visualised during a beach outing, to location hunting and registering of name, has borne fruit. The focus is on casual dining and the stress is on relaxation with foods that have are predominantly Asian influenced.

Although the menu is not elaborate, it has been designed to suit the palates of young diners who have a penchant for all things burgers, salads, coffees and juices. Come November and the menu will undergo a major modification, states Gregory, who has brought to Copper his long years of culinary expertise as a chef, in Australia as well as Oman.

The current menu is a pun lover’s delight, with items like ‘Golden Coppertunity’, ‘Avo Word’, and the like peppering the creatively designed menu.

We set up on our leisurely brunch with a fresh juice called ‘Carroting the Calories’ (blend of carrot, orange juice, kiwi and a kick of ginger with a slice of dehydrated kiwi adorning the top) and ‘Betsy Rose’ iced tea, packed with red berry and rose, lemon and dry hibiscus syrup.

dsc_6795Next on our list was ‘Ozzie Rissole’s’ with prawns, which look like fish cakes; The garlic and piri piri mayo bed add to the flavours, giving the dish a spicy kick, tempered with salads on the side. Taking our love for all things prawns, we also tucked in to ‘Jumbo Prawns’, which are marinated with chilli garlic and presented with green salad. ‘Miso Salmon’ was another seafood item on our agenda. It is served with wild mushrooms, which are divinely delicious.

It was the scrumptious ‘Cape Malay Chicken’ that won our votes on all counts – whether it is the presentation, the perfectly cooked tender pieces of chicken breasts, the sweet corn relish or the mango chutney. This is a must-try item if seafood does not suit your palate.

dsc_6806The ‘Mushroom burger’, which followed next, was a food craft for sure, with the onion rings creating an instant appeal. It is packed to satiate any levels of appetite with its size and variety. The burger features Portobello mushroom burger with onion rings, jalapeno, mayo and Parmesan. The sweet fries on the side are a delight, topped with honey or plain and crispy.

With the right kind of food and a warm urban-themed appeal, this Copper Restaurant has definitely arrived!


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