Gadget Notes

Hoverboards making a comeback?

Remember the flashy hoverboards, which became a bit hit in 2015 as a personal transport gizmo? Yes, they were recalled after a series of battery fires and injuries, but if the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a gauge of things to come, Hoverboards are all set to make a comeback. Hoverboard Technologies founder Robert Bigler unveiled his single-wheeled GeoBlade, proclaiming it to be the future of personal urban mobility. The single-wheeled board is harder to master but offers advantages to those using two wheels; it has a narrower stance and allows the rider to navigate more easily.

 The Vobot Clock

Now wakeup easy with the Vobot Clock, a cost-effective smart alarm, which comes with a slew of creative features. Vobot’s Amazon Alexa-enabled clock is known as the Vobot Clock, which will be integrated with Amazon Alexa Voice Services to deliver voice experiences for the Vobot Clock. Its pre-set wakeup and bedtime solution will assist users to fall asleep faster and wake up earlier. The proactive reminder function will then inform or show users the right things at the right time. There is also a customisable alarm that allows consumers to wake up to their favourite tunes, a dot matrix display that makes everything clear at first sight.

5e NannyBot

Good news for parents. Five Elements Robotics has found a way to help busy parents get through the day. 5e NannyBot, the latest innovation from Five Elements Robotics, boasts an integrated camera that allows parents to keep an eye out on their children. The NannyBot is also able to follow the children, projecting video and audio back to the parent’s smartphone or computer, while letting the parent control the robot remotely in order to have a better look around the child’s environment. The device comes with an optional basket accessory that will be able to hold children’s toys as it moves around the home.


Samsung’s Welt smart belt

Wearable tech gets to an all new level with Samsung’s Welt belt, which has been described as one of the smartest wearable health-tracking products. Samsung C-Lab’s Welt is designed to track your waist size! Studies have shown that the size of the midsection can predict the risk of heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. The smart belt is equipped with magnetic sensors in the buckle to measure the size of the waist. It tracks changes in waist size over time and can make the wearer aware of bad eating habits or even minor waist gains. The Welt also doubles as a standard fitness tracker, logging daily steps, as well as idle time and estimated calories.


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