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surviving-the-first-72-hoursSurviving the first 72 hours
If you have heard about the crucial 72 hours in the wake of emergency, you would want to pick up the new Seventy2 survival kit. Reports have shown that people who are better equipped in the event of a disaster, in the first 72 hours, have a higher chance of survival or are at least able to hold on until the arrival of rescue team. Uncharted Supply Co. has, recently, unveiled the aptly named Seventy2, which is said to be the first fully integrated survival system that has been specially designed to safely navigate the first 72-hours of any emergency. It is packed with 30 high-quality products and tools that have been designed to work in tandem, ranging from a crank battery charger that also functions as a flashlight to a selection of supplies.

‘Digdigital-life-initiative-to-create-3-d-modelsital life’ initiative to create 3-D models
An initiative from scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, who created the Beastcam Array, a rapid-capture, field portable tabletop system for making high-resolution, full-colour 3D models of living organisms, could soon lead to the creation of 3-D models of all living organisms. The team has created a new multimedia platform they call ‘Digital Life’. Small animals placed in the Beastcam Array’s centre can be quickly and conveniently modelled in 3D by the cameras, aided by software. In coming months, scientists hope to create 3D models of two groups facing significant survival threats: frogs and sea turtles.
 Virtual 60-Game Pinball Arcade
Big news for gamers… The Virtual 60-Game Pinball Arcade lets you enjoy many games on a single machine. The arcade cabinet comes with more than 60 different kinds of virtual pinball. It is available as a Hammacher Schlemmer exclusive, where the machine delivers a library of pre-installed virtual pinball games. The Virtual 60-Game Pinball Arcade comes with a 32″ LED playfield that will be able to reproduce the hallmarks of a classic pinball cabinet, complete with the details of their mechanical predecessors while offering razor-sharp 1080p high-definition. It is also able to download a further 60 classic arcade games.
Now a driverless scooter
Get ready to welcome autonomous scooters. A team from MIT has developed a self-driving mobility scooter using algorithms that not only allow users to sit back and enjoy the ride, but also ßto swap from scooters for moving inside buildings to golf carts in car parks, to autonomous cars on the road. The setup makes it easier to verify if the various layers are working properly, is less complex, and there’s no need to keep reinventing systems for different vehicles. Data can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another and, because the algorithms interact with the environment in different vehicles.


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