Mwasalat Bus stops at Lulu Hypermarkets in Darsait and Mawaleh

Mwasalat and Lulu Hypermarkets sign agreements

Mwasalat and Lulu Hypermarkets LLC have signed agreements worth RO 150,000 to develop an air-conditioned bus station and naming rights for two new bus stops.

Mwasalat shall provide the naming rights for the two bus stops located at Lulu Hypermarket Darsait and Lulu Hypermarket Al Bander, in Mawaleh. The bus shelter, which will be air-conditioned, will be developed next to Oman Avenues Mall.

The signing of the agreement is set to enhance Mwasalat’s revenue streams due to their selling of naming rights to different bus stops and shelters across the Muscat Governorate. The bus stops and shelter will develop convenient features and facilities designed to enhance passengers’ comfort.


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