Ritzy Glitzy Gifts

As the season of gift giving marches on to greet Valentine’s Day with all things roses and candies, here is a take on lavish gifts that are created to convey your feelings in ways that only money can…

 Say it with Chevron

It is not always about 24-carat gold, as proven by this Memphis Chevron Ring. The 14-carat gold ring, which is cast and hand lacquered, enables the wearer to create totemic stacks of colour. There is metal and there is colour that work together in the Memphis collection from Alice Cicolini. They can be made to measure and, as a buyer, you could choose stones and colours to order. Price: $2,700

 For the book collector

‘A Bigger Book’ is a perfect gift for connoisseurs of art and photography. Big in size and format, it is a David Hockney monograph, in which the artist traces more than 60 years of his work, from teenage days at the Bradford School of Art up to his recent series of portraits, iPad drawings, and Yorkshire landscapes. It is supplemented by an illustrated chronology of more than 600 pages, which help contextualise Hockney’s art with drawings, graphic work, portrait photos and text based on his writings as well as contemporary reviews. Price: $2,123

 Watch love

Exclusive is always expensive, like this Montegrappa Chaos Gold and Enamel Automatic Watch, which has wooed celebrities like Sylvester Stallone with its striking case – signature skull-and-serpent motifs around the case, including a small, engraved skull on the winding crown. The watch itself is hand-made in northern Italy by skilled artisans. Price: $85,666.00


TV time

If your valentine is a television addict, this Sony Bravia Z9D 4K TV will prove to be a winner. But if you have the moolah and are all out to splurge, then the XBR-100Z9D is the one to opt for. This 99.5-inch set from Sony has a 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme powering a Backlight Master Drive to provide deep blacks and sharp colours. Price: $5,499.99 for 65-inch set; $59,999 for XBR-100Z9D

 It’s ‘Safe’

Here is a gift that demonstrates you care for the recipient. Kairos Luxury Safe K2 is designed not only to safekeep important documents and precious jewellery, but also protect them from fire. The 61-inch high unit has 3.25-inch thick fire-retardant steel walls that can handle 1,850 degrees F; inside it are multiple drawers, spaces, and 16 watch winders. The choice of colour and even the type of combination lock is yours. Price: $8,000


Photo call

The XF 100MP from Phase One is a perfect gift for a photography buff – that is if price is not a constraint. Priced nearly $50K it may come across as one of the most expensive medium format cameras, but with 100MP resolution and full-frame 645-image sensor, it is a deal. Its features include 16-bit Raw image capture, removable digital back and viewfinder and built in Profoto flash controller, among others. Price: $48,990


Chair it

When desk job proves to be a bane on the spine, you need an intelligent chair. Although this LimbIC Intelligent Chair looks something like a torture device from days gone, it is designed to take care of your back’s every need, with dual shells that let your body move in the seat. It is created by hand from carbon fibre and aluminium for individually measured customers. Price: $8,500 



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