Summer must-have gadgets


Make the most of this summer with these must-have gadgets and accessories from manufacturers around the world…

Zero Breeze

Said to be the world’s first portable, multi-functional air conditioner, Zero Breeze is also designed to function as a Bluetooth speaker, a night light, and a Smartphone charging station. It is capable of cooling a 50 square feet room down to 44℉, making it an ideal camping partner. It can also effectively cool the corners of your home/office that do not enjoy the cool air from your split/window AC. The Zero Breeze battery powered portable air conditioner can change the way you plan your camping trips during the summer season.

Smart air conditioner

If the home is locked for most part of the day when you are out at work or shopping, you would need something like the Tado Smart Air Conditioner, which can turn your AC unit into a smart device. All that you need to do is connect the device to your Smartphone and cool your home from anywhere in the world through Wi-Fi. The Smart AC Control works with all air conditioners with a remote control that displays the air conditioner’s current settings.

Camp Stove

The BioLite CampStove 2 Bundle will ensure that you eat well on your camping trip. It is a full wood-fired camp kitchen, with the ability to grill, boil and cook your food. It is smokeless and includes grill and kettle attachments. There is more…it can generate electricity from the fire for charging your devices.


Shaze: The Ultimate Lounge Chair

For all beach goers, this is the perfect way to unwind on the beach in the evenings, with the starry skyline for company. Shaze is a comfortable, foldable lounge chair, accompanied by water-resistant speakers, a USB charger for the phone, a drainable cooler, and more to up the comfort level.

Beach Tent

Accompany your Shaze chair with the Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent, which is designed to give space a priority. Its key features include EasyUp Hub System for setup and takedown in seconds. It also has UPF 50+ sun protection and two windows for stargazing and watching the sunrise, while ensuring cross ventilation. It has internal pockets to keep your valuables out of the sand. What is more, it only weighs a little above two kilograms.

Picnic Backpack

The AllCamp 2 Person Picnic Backpack is just what you need if summer spells picnics and camping. The backpack truly has it all, with a cooler, fleece blanket, plates, and utensils. It has everything you would need for the perfect picnic for two, includin salt and pepper shakers, cheese knife, a plastic chopping board and a handy bottle opener.

Solar Backpack

When overnight camps are on the summer itinerary, you would need the Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack to be ready for all your charging requirements. The backpack features 10W worth of solar-charging, making it powerful enough to charge a laptop, as well as a tablet or Smartphone. It is lightweight and water-resistant.


Water Bottle

The Thermos Connected Water Bottle is your ideal partner to stay hydrated this summer. The 24-ounce bottle is a smart product, with a lid that measures your intake of liquids; it feeds the data to the Thermos Smart Lid app. The app then calculates a suggested hydration goal for you and shows your progress towards meeting the goal.

Coffee Maker

For a coffee addict, who can’t say no to a cuppa, whatever be the weather outside, the KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker might prove to be a treat. Cold coffee is just right to stay cool and the KitchenAid’s coffee maker will make it easy to brew one right at home. It can fit in your refrigerator; it includes a built-in tap for continuous cold brew consumption.


Ice Cream Maker

If ice creams were made for any one season, it would definitely be summer. When the heat gets to you and you yearn for something cold, the ice cream of your choice can act like manna. With Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker you can whip up ice creams on demand; it can make up to 1.5 quarts of ice cream in just 20 minutes. Alternately, opt for Cuisinart’s Snow Cone Maker, which is equipped with an effortless and efficient motor that shaves 4 to 5 cups of ice in under a minute.

Fruit Keg

With supermarkets in town displaying watermelons of all sizes to make summer cooler, you could make the most of it with the Fruit Keg Tapping Kit. It is a handy kit that contains everything you need to turn the seasonal watermelon into a drink dispenser. The handy coring tool will help you cut a perfect hole in the side of the melon, and the plastic shank and faucet assembly, will help pour the juice freely.


Ice Pops

The Zipzicle Ice Pop Molds will help you create your own popsicles to suck on during the hot summer months. Simply mix-up any homemade Popsicle recipes, fill up the pouches, zip them and freeze. You could even add fresh fruit bits or coconut water to make it extra refreshing.


Don’t let the heat put a halt to your fitness goals. In fact, rely on a monitor like the Fitbit Flex 2, which goes beyond the typical step and distance counter with features such as automatic activity and sleep tracking. It is swim-proof and can also track your laps at the pool.


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