Summer Skin


All the summer chants of drink-enough-water, stay-away-from-sun, etc., can come to naught if you haven’t taken measures to fight the combined blows of heat and humidity on your skin

Screen the sun

Sunscreen is a must this season. Look for the one that has UVA and UVB products and comes in SPF 30 and SPF 70. Apply it on your face and body and keep reapplying every couple of hours, if you are in the sun. Find one that is right for your skin type; there are specific ones for specific requirements, like oil-free, mattifying formulas, extra emollient formulas for dry skin, or chemical free formulas for sensitized, reactive skin. However, if you like the idea of using organic oils that are high in SPF, go for the red raspberry seed oil or the carrot seed oil, which have high SPF and are good for blocking UVB rays. Take it another step forward by wearing clothes that can effectively block the sun’s rays. Wear light clothing in lighter colours.


Exfoliate – not just the skin on your face, but your entire body. You must understand that your body sheds skin cells all the time and can turn your skin dry and lifeless if left untended. Use a body scrub to exfoliate the skin every two to three times a week. Rub in circular movements all over the body and rinse clean.


Your body needs exfoliation and it needs hydration. Opt for specific summer lotions that can be absorbed fast by your body. Apply it after the shower to keep the body feeling and looking moisturised. Use a toner spritz to refresh your face while at work or outdoors.

Water therapy

You have heard this before and have heard it repeatedly – there is no substitute for water during this season. Drink at least eight glasses of water and keep your body hydrated by drinking once every half an hour. Remember, caffeinated beverages are no substitute; in fact, you would need to drink extra water if you are consuming caffeinated drinks. Combine water with other healthy liquids, such as coconut waters, or homemade juices. Follow that by eating foods rich in carotenoids and antioxidants, as they can help protect your skin from sun’s damage.


Rather, tone down your makeup. Less is better during the summer months, as the sun can work on your makeup. But if you intend on using all your makeup products, check to see what goes right with say, for example, your foundation. Give your lips a protective shield by using a gloss or a lip balm with an SPF of 15.

Feet care

In all the body care that you are indulging in, it is easy to forget the feet as it is covered when you are out. Like the body, feet need to be scrubbed to free the dry skin. While the salon can help with a pedicure, you could try scrubbing the feet everyday while showering.


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