This Summer be motivated


Stay motivated this summer with positive musings and inspiring suggestions from Janab Al Sayyida Mayya Al Said*, blogger and Youtuber of ‘The Sewist’ fame

“When we talk about summer, our facial expression changes as we think of the heat and some of us might dread the next couple of months because of it…” observes Janab Al Sayyida Mayya Al Said, Life Coach at Whispers of Serenity Clinic of ‘The Sewist’ blog.

Personally for her, summer goes beyond the usual heat and humidity. As she notes, “To me, summer means spending time with my kids, since they are off from school. Yes, we are limited to indoor activities, but as long as we are bonding… It’s a good time to get them away from the tech gadgets and take this opportunity to really get to know them.

Have a grateful summer!”

On staying upbeat during summer, she states: “Summer is the ideal time to appreciate the things we can’t live without, especially the ones that we take for granted, such as having electricity and cooling air conditioner. This would be the best time to help the less fortunate by visiting them and helping in any way you can. Why not take the kids along with you so they get to appreciate what they have…

“I plan on staying positive during the summer, knowing that despite the summer heat, we are blessed beyond words. Just look around you and appreciate the little things in life. Happiness is a choice; all you have to do is choose it. You are in control of your life, your emotions and remember that no matter how bad you feel, there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Born to an Omani father and a French mother, Janab Al Sayyida Mayya speaks four languages (Arabic, English, French and Swahili); she used to be a professional violinist in the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra. She relies on blogging and making videos as ideal platforms to share her journey on how to stay positive. In her blog bio, she writes: “Living a healthy lifestyle is key to feeling good about yourself… I am passionate about giving back and inspiring others to lead a positive life.”

She writes that she is the happiest when she is helping others. “We often take the simple things that make us happy for granted. It could be as simple as finding the perfect nude lip combination, or finally figuring out how to perfect that recipe you have been trying to perfect for so long.  Just remember, as long as you keep trying, you are getting closer to your goal,” she suggest.

*Janab Al Sayyida Mayya Al Said, aka The Sewist, is a Life Coach at Whispers of Serenity Clinic. She is also a blogger and Youtber and is on a mission to inspire others to lead a happier life. For doses of additional positivity and inspiration, visit; it is a lifestyle blog aimed at to inspire people. Through her website, she also hopes to change the perception of the west regarding ‘Arab Muslim Woman’. Alternatively, you could follow her on Instagram, snapchat and youtube – thesewist.


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