Dear Fitness…

Hardcore fitness enthusiasts may have no reason to patronise pricey gadgets and equipments, but the ones who have the moolah and love all things fine, have the pick of the litter, so to say

Dear FitnessMyRun

With a possessive pronoun inserted in the name, this sleek gadget could be anything but economical. But price is not the only distinctive feature of MyRun from Technogym, who has given a complete twist to the average treadmill by adding ‘environment friendly’ to its credentials and incorporated personalised running score. It can be integrated with an iPad app, which is designed to allow the user to plan workout programmes and keep a track of the fitness goals. It is music interactive and can be easily installed. Price: $4,390



Another one from Technogym, the SKILLMILL has been inspired by athletes and has been packed with features to allow one to train like professional athletes. Dear FitnessIts attributes include workout routines to train the entire body. Even amateur athletes could find ways to improve their performances. Interestingly, it is an environment friendly high-tech machine that combines power, speed, stamina and agility training, all using human power; it uses no electric motor. It has dual handlebars and is equipped with multi-drive technology that allows one to take on a variety of exercises at various resistances, while an integrated app gives one access to customised training programmes. Price: $9,075


Dear FitnessLet’s DISKUS

Want to indulge in some serious weight training…and in style? Check out the HOCK-DISKUS, a heavy-duty dumbbell rack with 12 dumbbells! The rack is an aluminium supportive frame with a body made from walnut thick veneer. The dumbbells are arranged on Safeglide stainless steel shelves that are easy and convenient to use. Price: $14,700



Dear FitnessKettlebells

From dumbbells to kettlebells, the fitness market is loaded, literally, with gadgets and equipments that are designed to tackle every inch of the body. Lova is a luxury bespoke kettlebell rack from PENT, which can easily fit in with any home décor. It is a handmade set from natural European walnut wood and stainless steel and boasts craftsmanship that is unique in its presentation and appeal. The rack features four kettlebells, ranging in weight from 4 to 16 kgs. Price: $4,700

Dear Fitness


Align and Reform

Align-Pilates A2RII Reformer is designed to adapt – adapt to ones changing circumstances. It comes with options to choose ones preferred leg height – 28, 42 or 64 cms – to suit individual requirements and space. And, if these heights change, for whatever reason, one can simply swap them for a different set of legs. Made to offer complete adjustability, it has been defined as a luxurious oversized carriage and the longest travel of any standard reformer. It can also be stacked and can be moved using the inbuilt wheels. Price: $3,700


Dear FitnessAll Power

Novelty of the Power Plate my7 lies in its capacity to become a veritable personal trainer. With more than 250 customised programmes and over a thousand individual exercises, it is equipped to take fitness to another level. Based on a unique whole body vibration technology, the device features an integrated touch screen computer, with videos and tips to guide through the whole body vibration training that is suitable for individual needs. The different pre-programmed workouts take one through warm-up, workout and cool-down using a combination of exercises. Price: $7,990


Dear FitnessAir Bike

Biking and fitness share a synonymy that has been attested by many a fitness enthusiast. While biking in the open air also has the added benefit of fresh air and the nature tryst, it is not always convenient owing to constraints on time as well as weather in this part of the world. This is where exclusive machines like the Xebex Air Bike come into play. It promises increased durability, made possible with high quality parts in the frame – the frame, in fact weighs more than comparable models. Price: $1,499


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