Hairstyles for balding crown

Shaving is not the only option to apprehend thinning hair

Suggesting hairstyles for balding crowns might come across as an oxymoron, but all is not lost in the style zone with the fall of those vital locks from your head. Check out the styles suggested by expert hairdressers to find the one that your balding pate could rock

To begin, identify your balding pattern. If the hair above your temples is retreating on both sides, leaving you with a little crop up front, you could break the hair at the lowest and the highest points by styling the low part up or to the side. Or, you could consider getting a messy top with clean tapered sides.

And if you are left with only hair at the back with the top and the sides sporting thinning hair, go for an even shaggy cut. Go for a cut that is 1.5” to 2” all over, keeping it half an inch loner in thinner areas. For thinning hair on the crown, go for a mop top or pushback style. But if it is only the top that is thinning and the hairline is almost intact, wear any style that will help rock your confidence.

Hairstyle tips:

Comb-over: The short comb-over with temple fade is a simple style to achieve. However, this is not appropriate if you have a bad case of thinning hair as the style is about fading the sides, while keeping the top part short to get a clean look.



Buzz Cut: If you can barely see the hair on your crown, go for this cut. There are, of course, different types of buzz cuts to suit your balding pattern. The crew or the buzz cut is ideal for all types of male pattern baldness – from balding in the front to more advanced cases. Tell your barber to cut the hair shorter on the sides than on the top, as this will create the illusion that you have more hair than you actually do.

High and Tight: This haircut is about keeping the hair at the back as short as possible to blend it with the thinning zones. It is reminiscent of the popular military crew cut.

Short Crop:  The short crop haircut is finger-length or shorter all the way around.

Mop Top: This is a street-smart haircut if you have longer thinning hair. It will make your hair look fuller by giving it a messy cut.

Bed Head: The short messy bed head hairstyle is perfect if you are in the early stages of male pattern baldness, with limited hair loss in the front and no hair loss on the crown. The idea is to use the messy look to blur the lines between the parts of the scalp that have growing hair and the parts that don’t.

Shaved look: When nothing else works, opt for shaved head. There is something very macho about this look and you could rock it even if you have fair share of hair on your head. But, of course, like every other style, find out if this style is right for you. This can be realized by assessing the shape and size of your head and face. Larger men can rock this look with ease and so can those who are older or at least 30 years and more. Sporting this look with a well-developed beard could do the trick for you.

General guidelines for thinning hair:

Wear it short

Keep it short, and that’s and order! If there is one key trick to keep the balding crown looking trendy, it is the short style. Do not feel tempted to grow whatever hair is remaining in the hope of compensating your balding head. When you use longer hair to cover up the balding spots, you will only draw undue attention to those spots. Besides, it also signals your lack of confidence in your looks and your poor attempt to hide the spots. Simply sport a short style and watch the difference it can do to your personality.

Grow a beard

For some reason, your facial hair can act as an equalizer. A full grown beard or even the general facial hair can act to compensate your loss on the top. Find the beard style that matches your haircut to engage the best style quotient for your personality.



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