Style Basics for Men

Whether you are on a smart casual spree or a formal do, understand the basics of style to put your best look forward

Style basics… That is the key to get you started on the style route.

If you are at home, quickly scan your wardrobe to see if you have the basic fashion requirements – tees, sweatshirts, jeans and chinos – or do a mental checklist of the items from wherever you are.

Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, a trendy pair of jeans and a couple of tees that flatter your structure are a must to inject style into your wardrobe. Besides, if you subscribe to the view that jeans is all that you need to look smart and breathe the air of casual wear, you are on the right course. But if you belong to the large tribe of executives who swear by neutral coloured shirts and sartorial trousers, even at casual dos, you need to rethink your style quotient. Wearing your cargos and some randomly picked tee for shopping or mall walking will not make you smart casual. It is best to rely on the dependable t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Unlike women, men’s basic style has remained resolute over the years and will, seemingly, continue for a long time. So why not equip yourself with the style basics…?

Tips to get you started:

The basic style that you zero on should act as a foundation for any outfit that you pick for a particular day. Most items that come under the ‘essential’ label are easily interchangeable with other items in your wardrobe, while complimenting all the pieces that you wear, including your sunglasses, your watch, shoes, et al.

T-Shirts: Wear your ‘observant’ glasses when you go shopping for t-shirts to notice the finer details in each piece. Interestingly, even the tee that look like the one you have at home will have its own different look owing to the material used and also the cut.


Denims and chinos: Whether you opt for the reliable jeans or go for a pair of chinos, the basic bottom wear has several variations to add novelty to your look. Depending on the trends in the market, you might pick the slim fit or the low waist ones and also explore the options in colours, textures and cuts. While a pair of blue jeans could act as a saviour to give you the smart casual look, the black denim ones are important to complement bright coloured tees in your collection.

Fashion, functionality and fit

For most men, the basic premise of style is ingrained in finding the right combination between fashion, functionality and fit. Which element of style scores higher may depend on a variety of factors, but what is important to ensure is that it is high on functionality.

Most often, the functionality of a style is proportionate to the fashionable factor. But having said that, what matters in the functionality quarters, when you go shopping, is that it is for life. It is important to buy a functional style of clothing as if you are purchasing it for life. This is probably why styles keep repeating…

Follow that by bolstering your functional style with an eye on fashion trends. While ladies fashion trends seem to be on a constant change mode, men’s fashion, especially at the base level of high quality items, hardly changes much. But if getting on the trend wagon is important, it is best to stick to buying trendy tees that are easy on the wallet, in comparison to, say, a leather jacket, which, if goes out of fashion, could leave a big dent on your budget while making a new purchase.

And, after all is said and done, it is the fit that enlists style to your personality. Often, at the counter of fashion and functionality, fit is forgotten. As if the only thing that matters is that the jeans stays on the waist/hips and the tee falls straight. Alas, it is the fit that makes all the difference. So when you go clothes shopping, keep some guidelines in your mind. Ensure that the jeans fit right around your waist and the length is just right. While your body type and personal preference might dictate which style of jeans you pick, the right one should sit comfortably around your waist and the hem should skim the top of your trainers or shoes with a slight break at the bottom. And, as far as t-shirts are concerned, ensure that the size is right for your shoulders and your


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