Casual Chic by Sophia

Casual can also be stylish, if you learn how to master that distinctive casual chic look.  

When it comes to casual chic, you need to think beyond your meticulous office wear and the glam evening look. You need to find the middle way to adapt that ‘effortless’ look, without taking away the relaxed mood or the refined look. The easiest way to go about it is to find right accessories and ensure clean lines in your overall presentation.

Casual chic is essentially about getting the accessories right. While ballet flats and attention-grabbing sandals can easily add up on the casual chic counter, you could give your appearance that special touch with jewellery – without going overboard, of course. Stick to simple main pieces and get your hands on neutrals that can help you mix and match.

Casual dressing is, generally, about pairing simple wardrobe essentials; but giving it the chic overture is about enlisting the assistance of trendy accessories. Pick an outfit that has comfy written all over it. It should be something that you feel you could wear all through the day and even carry it to even your evening do with an addition of, say, a scarf and some bling jewellery or a change from the flats/flip-flops to a heeled shoe.

When in doubt, remember the key to a casual look is your quintessential denim jeans and a smart tee – a blazer and a scarf can help you dress it up any time, if the occasion demands.

Casual chic will never go out of style!


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