Celebrating Oman…

 The Royal Opera H ouse Muscat (ROHM) will be presenting its first ever in-house production, ‘Celebrating Oman: The Great Journey’, on January 5, 6 and 7

Welcome New Year on a cultural note as the ROHM gets set to unfold its first ever in-house production titled ‘Celebrating Oman: The Great Journey’. This groundbreaking production, consisting of a series of vivid musical tableaux representing different aspects of life in Oman, will take the audience on an incredible expedition through Oman’s rich history, its nature, seafarers’ traditions and cultural heritage. Combining great music with dazzling light and sound shows, ‘Celebrating Oman’ is a free-ticketed event that will be presented on ROHM’s Maidan on January 5, 6 and 7 at 7pm.

​“This show presents the historic journey of the Sultanate of Oman from ancient times to the era of the nation’s modern Renaissance under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said,” said H.H. Sayyid Kamil bin Fahad Al Said, Member of the Board of ROHM, at a press conference held earlier this month.

The show, which coincides with the exceptional fifth season and anniversary of ROHM, has been developed in co-operation with Namaste group, a renowned open air show company based in Europe and Asia; it is conceived by the renowned Italian creator of events, Paolo Dalla Sega.

The event consists of eight tableaux, which combine poetry, music and performing arts; it features an original libretto by talented Omani writer, Saleh Al Fahdi, with unforgettable storytelling by artists and performers from Oman and around the world. The eight tableaux are dedicated to ‘Oman History and Geography’, ‘Frankincense Back to Nature’, ‘The Maritime History’, ‘The Silk Route’, ‘The Sword Dance’, ‘The Renaissance’ and ‘Oman: Oasis of Peace’; the final tableaux represents the ROHM as a ‘Cultural House of the World’.

Light and sound will also play a main role in this performance, with more than a hundred performers on stage, from all over the world. Several Omani artists are also involved in different stages of the show – Omani poets have written all the poems and young Omanis will perform national solo songs. Furthermore, a traditional Omani folk company will present the traditional touch in several tableaux, alongside participations by Omani musicians from the ‘The Society for Amateur Oud Players’.

‘Celebrating Oman: The Great Journey’ is designed to bedazzle audiences of all segments with special effects and fantastic harmony between music, visual effects, lyrics and songs. It will feature more than 100 people on stage, including 40 Omani children from the schools of Muscat and more than 30 Omani musicians. Three desert camels from Royal Camel Corp are also be present in the project which has involved more than 300 people from Oman, Italy, France, Singapore, UK, USA, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Hungary, Switzerland… The 90-minute show is the result of a yearlong planning.


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