In the defense of Male Rompers


Ale Al Zadjali checks out male rompers to present his perspective on the versatile piece of garment

Even though it is still scorching hot outside, summer is technically over and I feel like this is the perfect time to try out the season’s most controversial clothing item – the romper (‘Romphim’ to anyone who’s masculinity is fragile.)

What is a Romper?

It’s essentially a one piece and, despite being mostly popular in a baby’s wardrobe, it has made its way to the grown-up sections of stores. Now, women have been wearing them for a while and they come in different styles, but earlier this summer they were introduced for men.

Trina Turk

The Internet blew up back in May/June and everyone was talking about them, mostly negatively. They became the joke of the Internet because people compared them to the baby onesies. Clearly, anyone who’s a media sheep and is easily influenced would have forgotten that women wear them, and I’m pretty sure coveralls (construction, field engineering, etc.) falls under the same category. Also, let’s not forget that James Bond (Sean Connery) donned them back in 1964. Anyway, I decided to take some time to invest in a custom-made pair (2…fine it’s 4).

I took them out for a test drive at a casual gathering at a friend’s place to test the wear ability, and it fit like a glove. A week later, I wore the other one to a Karaoke night and performing the Hannah Montana song that night was extremely easy – because of the durability of the romper.

In conclusion, rompers are brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never-the-same, and totally unique; I recommend them.


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