Create Family Traditions

Create Family Traditions
Before the countdown to the New Year reaches a crescendo, get your family together to create traditions that can uphold the bonds and establish that fairytale ‘foreverness’

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It’s the season to be merry. A time to add anecdotes and pictures to the ‘memory’ kitty and rekindle all the good times.

So come along and find ways to multiply the joys and strengthen the bonds with traditions that are novel and are exclusive to your family. The tradition or ritual you pick as a family could be big or small, but should do its task in providing a source of identity and offer comfort and security while strengthening the bonds. As Meg Cox, author or ‘The Book of New Family Traditions’ defined, it is any activity that is ‘purposefully repeated together as a family with heightened attentiveness and something extra, that lifts it above the ordinary ruts’.

Here are some ideas to get you going:
Time capsule
As you get set to begin the New Year, make every member of the family contribute his/her favourite things – it could be pictures, notes and/or personal items – into a box that could be collectively sealed with the plan to open it on an important date in the coming years.
Dinner theme
Have a specific meal day, either once a week or a month; it could be a pizza night on Friday or dining out on first Saturday of the month – whichever is convenient for all the members.
Camp out
If you have a backyard, this would be a perfect winter tradition to uphold. But you could create a tented atmosphere in your living room, with blankets and ropes and experience the joys of camping with stories and shadow play.
Movie night
Dedicate a day every week or least once a month to indulge in movie watching. Let every member of the family get a chance to choose the movie for everyone to watch.
Story telling
Bedtime stories have a special family connect. Turn it into an everyday event or a special weekend treat to continue as a tradition that keeps strengthening the bonds of family.


Digital detox
Resolve to switch off from all things digital, once a month or so, whether you are at home or on a holiday, earning some alone family time, away from the distractions of the television or Internet.
Family walks
Although your family walk is more about creating a special time together than about fitness, children are sure to accept it as a fun activity, one that helps to create a routine and also open up avenues to chat with children about health and nature, or simply their opinions about things they see and feel.
Cook with kids
You could either cook up a meal with the kids or have them take over your kitchen, depending on their ages. Let them decide what to cook and what they would need to put up a meal for the family.

Lazy weekends
Who doesn’t like more bedtime on a weekend…? Begin the weekend on a family note by spending it in bed with the family, even if it is for half an hour. Early morning blissful hours together could be a great conversation starter.
Countdown to New Year
As you turn the calendar to the last month of the year, find a craft idea to count the days to the New Year or the Christmas, whichever you follow more enthusiastically. You could keep adding to the countdown board with trinkets or candies.
Picture speak
Start a picture tradition by choosing your own special location and costume, which is repeated year after year without altering any of the details first captured. You will soon have an archive of images that show you and your family at different ages.
Weekly meetings
Initiate a weekly family meeting and forget work, stress and all that comes with earning for the household. You could make it very official with the proceedings reminiscent of a board meeting, wherein every member is required to talk about the week that was, or turn it very informal without any predetermined questions.


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