Hair and Style

Give your hair the style of the season with trends that are creating waves in the celebrity circuit this year

Following up on the brief snapshot of hairstyle trends in the previous issue, check out some of the interesting styles and cuts that are here to rock the year.

Stay natural: Natural hair texture is in this year. So go on, flaunt your style.

Fringe it: Get eye-length fringe; it will give you an all new look without having to take a big cut from the length.

Long and shiny: This year, let it grow long, in a one length style.

Mid length: If your hair refuses to grow long, opt for a mid-length chop, which has taken on a new flavour, with the incorporation of several layers.

Side-swept: The hair flip is big this year, with runway models sporting a variety of side-swept looks. It is all about simply flipping the hair on to one side, even extreme side parting, thereby creating volume.

Chop-chop: Feeling bold? Go on take the plunge. 2017 is all about going bold and incorporating graphic cuts.      

Go sleek: Go very sleek, for straight, shiny and centre-parted hair is big on the trend counter this year. Slick shiny hair is perfect for any occasion. With some styling cream you will get the shine that you want.

High pony: The higher the better… Whether it is done in a rumpled style or straight, the high ponytail is about elegance.

Its Bronde: The shade in between blonde and golden brown is the new ‘bronde’; it is the colour that comes through with right lighting. It has been defined as the perfect warm-toned hair colour that can be adjusted to work on all skin tones.

Curl right: Not just plain curls, go for the corkscrew ones that you can easily get at your salon if you are not naturally endowed.                                    

Accessorise: Adapt jewellery on to your hair without making your hairstyle look too ostentatious. A simple sparkly clip or slide is all that is needed to up your hairstyle.

Topknot: If you are looking for a style that never fails, go for a topknot in a messy style, which has a glamour appeal.

Wet look: Slicked back hair is all the rage this season. Go for it…



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