A ‘Modern Premium’ Affair with Santa Fe

The third generation of Hyundai Santa Fe brings ‘Modern Premium’ to the SUV segment

It’s chunky and full of verve.

It’s fluid and noticeably striking.

It’s practical and absolutely premium.

Welcome to the world of Hyundai Santa Fe.

Hyundai Santa Fe with its core product concepts being ‘Refinement’, ‘Smartness’ and ‘Practicality’, is becoming a hit in the SUV market, with its whole new class of luxury and comfort – whether it is the differentiated design, cutting-edge technology or the practical use of space. The all-new Santa Fe is a ‘Modern Premium’ car in every sense. With wide legroom and the right elements of comfort woven into the seating arrangement, it is just what a family would need to move around the city on weekdays or cruise the suburbs on weekends. It has enough boot space to carry a large picnic basket and all the essentials for a day out with family. It contains two neat storage areas under the floor and provides a huge 585 litres of storage space.

Designed as a versatile machine, it offers, in addition to legroom, second row seats that can slide, recline and split-fold to offer a wide range of seating set-ups; two additional foldaway seats in the boot can also be brought up. Its reclining angle comfort rear seats are identical to seats found in luxury sedans; it includes a cooling box that will refrigerate drinks in the hot weather and a rear window curtain that provides more exclusivity and privacy for the rear passengers.

To make it truly family-friendly, Hyundai has ensured that the all new Santa Fe is one of the safest vehicles in the market. Its cuttingedge active safety systems include Electronic Stability Control, a Hill start Assist Control system that prevents the vehicle from rolling when on an incline, as well as a Brake Assist System, which increases braking pressure in an emergency situation. In addition to a Traction Control System, Vehicle Stability Management is available on top of-the-range models and promotes stable car manoeuvring when the car may be liable to skidding.

Based on Hyundai’s design philosophy, Fluidic Sculpture, the new Santa Fe adopts its own design concept called ‘Storm Edge’, which captures the strong and dynamic images created by nature during the formation of a storm. The design adopts the hexagonal grille that has become a Hyundai trademark in most of its new line-ups, a two tone voluminous bottom car body and wider front and rear bumpers, creating a futuristic and urban-style SUV image.

Santa Fe continues the solid brand heritage of Hyundai’s most representative SUV model. Hyundai has ensured that the Santa Fe offers a range of features and technologies that are normally associated with premium sedans and SUVs from the class above. These include Smart Navigation, a rear parking camera, a premium hi-fi system with 4.3-inch TFT-LCD display and a vast panoramic sunroof.

The interior shows an evolution in design and an insight into the future through Hyundai’s eyes. The Santa Fe comes to the Middle East in a sporty five-seat form with ample room and storage across different parts of the car.



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