Poem of the Mantle

The Royal Opera House Muscat Presents A World Premiere – Qasidat Al Burdah (Poem of the Mantle) – on March 23

The famous Qasidat Al Burdah, or Poem of the Mantle is an ode in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who is said to have cured the Poet of paralysis by appearing to him in a dream and wrapping him in a mantle (cloak). Originally composed by the eminent Sufi, Imam Al Busiri of Egypt, the full title of the poem is The Celestial Lights in Praise of the Best of Creation. ROHM’s presentation marks a world premiere as the famous poem will, for the first time, be recited in its entirety with a large chorus, orchestra and singers. Composed by Mamdouh El Gibaly and directed by Mohammed Hassan, the production features unique scenography with beautiful calligraphic designs illustrating the verses.

The Poem consists of ten chapters with 160 rhyming verses and a refrain asking Allah to ‘confer blessings and peace continuously and eternally’ on His Beloved Muhammad, the ‘Best of All Creation’. The Poem has been translated into many languages including among others Persian, Urdu, Turkish, Berber, Punjabi, English, French, German, Sindhi, Norwegian, and Chinese. The Qasidat Al Burdah is normally recited by Sunni Muslims, ordinarily and on special occasions, such as for the Prophet’s Birthday (Mawlid), making it one of the most recited poems in the world.

The composer of this production, Mamdouh El Gibaly graduated with honours from the Higher Institute of Arab Music where he served as a lecturer, then professor of Oud Studies. El Gibably completed his postgraduate diploma in 1995. As a talented oud musician, he debuted at the Cairo Opera House in 1997 and played at the American University in Cairo and Alexandria. El Gibaly also performed overseas in Germany and at the Arab World Institute in Paris, as well as in Montpellier, France.

The Royal Opera House will present the Qasidat Al Burdah, on Thursday the 23rd of March at 7:30 pm. For further information and booking consult the ROHM website – www.rohmuscat.org.om



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