The Art of Manliness

‘The opposite of ‘manliness’ isn’t cowardice; it’s technology’ – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Manliness, according to an online dictionary, is the traditional male quality of being brave and strong. It has been conventionally celebrated as an asset. While ancient Romans equated manliness as living a life of virtue, for Aristotle, it meant being the best man you can be.

But what about the present day man; does that concept of manliness still hold good?

Men, today, are not called on to demonstrate their bravery or strength, and many may be even relieved that the much hyped chivalry is dead. The ideals of strength and bravery, pegged on to manliness, have, apparently, found alteration, rather redefined in the context of modernisation. What was perceived as strength earlier may today find resonance in acts of resilience and integrity, and bravery could be reflected in little sacrifices made…

But, personally, would you say you have mastered the art of manliness – one that differentiates men from the boys?

Take this quiz and find out how manly you are.

The Man Quiz

  1. Have you ever built anything from scratch?
    a)I am a master carpenter
    b)I am quite good at DIY projects
    c)I have not tried anything beyond flat pack furniture
    d)No, I have never made anything from scratch – or even otherwise
  2. What was the last thing you fixed?
    a)A vehicle – I like getting my hands dirty.
    b)A household gadget.
    c)I changed a light bulb. Anything bigger than that and I call in the professionals
    d)I listened to Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’..
  3. Can you change a car tyre?
    a)Of course… I can change a tyre blindfolded
    b)Yes, but I have only had to do it once
    c)No, but I don’t think it is too hard to do
    d)I will call AA
  4. Do you know how to wire a plug?
    a)I have wired many plugs in my time
    b)I have done it once or twice
    c)No, but I would have a go at it
    d)I don’t have a clue
  5. Do you own any power tools?
    a)Yes, my garage is filled with power tools
    b)I have a few around the house somewhere
    c)No, but I have used a drill before
    d)Sorry, I don’t think I have even held a hammer
  6. Do you follow any sports team?
    a)Yes… Will support my team till I die
    b)Not really; but I do like sports
    c)Yes, but I wouldn’t jump in front of a bus for them
    d)I couldn’t care less about sport
  7. What position did/do you play in football?
    a)Centre-back, centre forward, centre-mid – in the thick of the action
    b)Fullback or winger
    c)Wherever they put me. I often get picked towards the end
    d)I didn’t… I preferred reading, skipping or practising the clarinet
  8. Which items would you take with you to a desert island?
    a)A hunting knife. That’s all I would need
    b)Food, drinks and my sunglasses
    c)I will take a few books from my shelf
    d)Suntan lotion!
  9. What do you do when you are invited to a house party?
    a)I will take a rain check and then proceed to spend the evening playing games on my computer
    b)Invite all my buddies along and cause a scene
    c)I will attend alone, but will meet new people while I am there
    d)Go alone and stand awkwardly in a corner
  10. Can you run a decent barbecue?
    a)I run the best barbecue in town
    b)Yes I can, except for a few burnt sausages
    c)I burned everything last time I tried
    d)I have never barbecued anything

    Give yourself 4 points for every a. answer; 3 for b; 2 for c and 1 point for every d answer

    If you scored –

    32-40 points: You are, undoubtedly a manly man. You are good with your hands and are handy around the house. But do not be afraid of your more feminine side.

    24-31 points: You are manly without being a caricature – you are capable, cool and confident; you are popular with both the lads and the ladies. But don’t try too hard and remember to be yourself.

    16-23 points: Not bad, but you are still a boy rather than a man. Be braver, more spontaneous and less of an overgrown student. Men will respect you more and women will notice.

    0-15 points: You really need to sort things out. You seem to have the tastes and opinions of an old age pensioner


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