Explore Oman and Experience Fitness

Explore Oman and Experience Fitness
Wadi Bani Khalid

Oman’s diverse topography is designed for tourists and visitors of every kind, more so fitness enthusiasts who seek destinations that boost their passion

In its drive to present novel ways to discover Oman, the Ministry of Tourism has cobbled together six interesting ways to get fit while experiencing Oman’s natural vistas this winter. For winter, as the Ministry notes, is the perfect time of the year to work on fitness while discovering Oman’s innumerable blessings. It is during this ongoing season that tourists, adventure seekers and even athletes flock to Oman to enjoy its natural vistas and experience its striking beauty, both on land and sea.

The Sultanate’s biodiversity is one factor that continues to shape nature-inspired experiences for tourists and visitors. Whether it is the spectacular marine life, the indigenous wildlife, or the exotic migrating birds, Oman is a one-stop travel destination that can fit in every travel requirement, even fitness related.

Swimming in Wadi Bani Khalid 

Wadi Bani Khalid is one of the most beautiful Omani wadis. Located in Ash Sharqia Governorate, it is surrounded by a beautiful landscape that perfectly merges with the clear blue waters. Although the waters are beckoning, swimming is advisable only if one is a good swimmer, as some of the pools are quite deep. Professional swimmers and divers do flock to the impressive Wadi Bani Khalid to get a taste of an exhilarating swimming and diving experience.

Explore Oman and Experience FitnessTrekking in Muttrah Mountains

Muttrah’s mountains are perfect spots for trekking and hiking. The Muttrah Geo Trek, commonly known as Riyam Walk, encompasses a route that was made ages ago and used by miners to travel between the different areas of Muttrah. It overlooks the charming Corniche promenade and opens up a panorama of the town from the top.

Explore Oman and Experience FitnessClimbing in Hadash 

Hadash, located in Al Dakhilya region near Al Jabal Al Akhdar, is blessed with a beautiful range of colorful mountains, which are in harmony with the few old houses and neighbourhoods in the vicinity. It is a perfect place for mountain climbers, given the fact that it has interesting terrains and rocky facades.


Explore Oman and Experience FitnessQuad Biking in Touq Sands 

The desert life in Oman is replete with stunning biodiversity; it is a unique world worth discovering from close quarters. Located between Barka and Nakhal in Al Batinah South, Touq is a perfect place to enjoy an exciting desert experience on a quad bike. For, quad biking is one activity that could be enjoyed with abandon in Oman’s deserts this winter, especially in Touq sands!

Diving in Duqm Explore Oman and Experience Fitness

Al Wusta Governorate holds some of Oman’s finest beaches, and Duqm is one of those must-visit beaches in Oman. Professional divers can look forward to an underwater paradise here, as it is home to some rare and colorful marine life. The less adventurous could simply walk or run along the beautiful beach to enjoy nature.

Explore Oman and Experience FitnessCycling in Dhofar 

Dhofar  is one of the best places to cycle in Oman. It has many breathtaking landmarks and natural vistas in its Wilayats such as Rakhyout, Salalah, Mirbat, and Taqah. Aside from its serene landscapes, visitors could also find a host of cultural heritage elements along the old souq, antiquated houses, mosques, forts, and trips to designated sites.

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