Lady in Red

Celebrate red, the colour of Valentine’s Day and all things love…says Sophia Raman

A recent research has reaffirmed the well-established fact that red, indeed, is the ultimate date dress colour. Men are more attracted to a woman wearing red, according to researchers from
New York’s University of Rochester.

Although experts studying the psychology of colours have defined red as an intense colour, with an ability to evoke even aggression in others, the underlying belief that red is energising and that it can motivate one to take action is what has helped it find such a strong stance in the world of fashion…and even love. The latter more for its emotional connect.

But what makes red the winning colour on all counts of fashion is its seemingly universal appeal. For, red looks good on everyone – if you pick the right shade of red, you will, definitely, not go wrong.

With several shades of red to choose from, picking the one that is perfect for your skin tone could seem tricky. Begin by differentiating warm reds from cool reds – warm reds have yellow hue in them while cool reds have more of blue – and find out which red suits you best. If browns, oranges, yellows and chocolate shades flatter you, opt for warm reds; go for cool reds if your shades are bright magenta, dark blue, purple and blacks… May be you are the lucky one who can rock both warm and cool reds.

Having said that, what is more important to remember here is the way you personally feel when you wear red. Is it the colour that you enjoy wearing…?

If you answered yes, go ahead rock the Valentine’s Day in a red outfit.


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