Makeup Woes

 Loud makeup is a no-no, whatever be the occasion, maintains Sophia Raman…

Whether you are a makeup addict or not, there are certain makeup rules that are best followed to ensure that you do not turn up for a meeting or a social do with a face that looks like it has been freshly painted. For although makeup does seem like an easy chore, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You require practice and a free hand to ensure that the foundation or the blush you are applying is taking the subtle path. Even when the occasion demands heavier makeup, you need to follow certain tried and tested routes to get the look just right.

Keep a close watch on your face as you go through the various steps to immediately correct errors that are obvious. For example, if the foundation seems a tad too loud, spray your face with a mist to dampen the foundation and blot the excess liquid off your face with a beauty sponge or a face tissue. Always remember, the foundation that is supposed to hide your blemishes can heighten them if over applied. Best is to wash it off if it looks cakey; but the mist will help you equally.

The role of blush is to give you a naturally flushed look. A wrong shade or over application can turn the look awkward. While the wrong shade will mean going cosmetic shopping to get the right colour, overdose of blush is something that you could correct with a powder brush. Use the brush to pat your cheeks and gently sweep outwards until the colour fades away or subtly blends into the face. Another way to go about it is to dust some translucent powder and tone the base down.


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