Be a Smart Food Shopper



As life turns back to the mundane home-work-home routine, post Ramadan and the Eid festivities, it is time to give your body a wellness break with lifestyle changes that promise to make health a priority and give your weight loss goals a boost…


Be a Smart Food Shopper 

Healthy eating habits start at home, rather, with your food shopping

 Healthy eating is all about healthy shopping; shopping that is guided by your clear diet and nutrition dictates. Add to that a heavy dose of smart shopper attitude and you are ready to get set on your mission.

Here is a little guide to get you started:

Make a list

Whatever be your reason for visiting the supermarket, a list is what you need to shop smartly. This will stop you from indulging in impulse buying or picking items that have no role in your healthy diet plan. Before you venture out on your shopping trip, sit down and make a list, relying on your weight loss menu or the meal planner of your healthy eating strategy. Give it a second look to ensure that the list includes healthy and convenient snack items. If you are familiar with the supermarket and know exactly where different items are located, organise your list accordingly to avoid unnecessary delays. Also, never go shopping when you are hungry or during the meal times. Hunger might induce you to pick higher calorie snack items.

Read labels

When picking up a new item or product that has been included in your health strategy, take time to read the nutrition label. This will give you details like serving size, calories, fat content, cholesterol and the like, and help you make a better choice. You could compare similar products or different brands to pick the healthier option. Sometimes, even the low-fat and fat-free foods pack a lot of calories.

Focus on fresh

Do not buy vegetables and fruits for more than a week’s requirement. Around six varieties of vegetables and 4 to 5 of fruits should be right, with the portion depending on your family size. Pick greens that will make your salad crisp. When storing them in the fridge, place the ones that will spoil quickly in the front. Most of the root vegetables and even fruits like apples will remain good for a week or more.


Let your shopping trolley be filled with the following items…

  1. Potatoes are not as bad as they are made out to be; they are inexpensive and can be an additional ingredient in many a dish.
  2. Vegetables like carrots, celery, capsicum, etc., can all be incorporated into any dish or simply act as starters to your meal.
  3. Proteins are important, so stock a couple of them in your kitchen.
  4. Seafood is a healthy option for your family, as it is low in calories and fat. You could even say yes to frozen shrimps, as they are a great source of protein and can come in handy when you have run out of fresh proteins.
  5. Eggs are the best deal for your family’s protein requirements.
  6. If you are looking for rice and pasta substitutes, go for grains like bulgur, quinoa and barley.



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