The Unmake-up Look for Summer

Summer Meltdown

Find ways to perfect the unmake-up look this summer and keep your face looking fresh and ready for a casual outing or a formal do. – Sophia Raman 

Less is more… That’s the dictum to follow when applying makeup during the hot and humid months. With sweat film forming on your face at the faintest feel of heat, your makeup needs to act as an armour – your heat guard, not your blooper canvas.

Makeup has a way of melting down, turning your face into a painting gone wrong. It knows just how to join hands with sweat and leave trail marks all over, especially around the eyes, if your eyeliner, mascara and shadow have not been selected with care.

Your best face forward for the season would be one that sports an unmade-up look. Whether that trends has lost its hold or not, it is the seasonal dictate that you need to toe.

However, ‘unmade’ doesn’t necessarily mean toning down all aspects of your makeup; for, waterproof eye makeup is perfect to give any makeup addict a boost in the right direction. Gel based neon shades are a better option than darker eye shadows; as for mascara, stick to waterproof – that is the first thing that will run at the sign of heat.

You could opt for a matte based foundation, as it effectively absorbs the excess oil in your skin. Alternately, simply go for a BB cream, as it solves all your foundation needs for the summer. Pick a crème blush for your cheeks, but don’t hesitate with the colour of your choice on your lips.

Go on, rock the season. 


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